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Toki no Tabibito: Time Stranger
Box artwork for Toki no Tabibito: Time Stranger.
Japanese title時空の旅人
Release date(s)
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Toki no Tabibito: Time Stranger is a text adventure game with graphic illustrations developed for the Famicom and published by Kemco at the end of 1986. Toki no Tabibito (時空の旅人) translates to "traveler of space-time." The game is based on an animated film which was also released at the end of 1986.

In the film, Agino Jiro escapes the despotic world of the twenty-fifth century by stealing a time machine. He's forced to highjack a car to use as a power source in the twentieth century, and accidently brings a group of high school students along with their teacher with him. They make brief stops during the fire bombing of Tokyo, the Meiji Revolution and the battle of Sekigahara to escape the Time Patrol agent sent to hunt them down. Their final destination is 1582, where they become guests of Oda Nobunaga, just four days before his assassination. They then must make a hard choice about whether or not to change history.

The game was only released in Japan, and never translated into English.

Table of Contents

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