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Tokyo Bus Guide 2 can be played with a DualShock 2 controller, or a Logitech GT wheel (GT Force, Driving Force Pro, or Driving Force GT). The game may also be compatible with other steering wheel controllers. Controls can also be remapped under the game options. See Key config for more info.


DualShock 2 Steering wheel Action
Circle button Circle button Confirm
Cross button Cross button Back
Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Move Cursor


In single player mode, you control all aspects of driving the bus. In co-op mode, however, some of the functions are handled by a second player. The Co-op column shows which player controls which functions when playing with two players.

DualShock 2 Steering wheel Action Co-op
R1 button Gas pedal Accelerate P1
L1 button Brake pedal Brake P1
Left lstick Steering wheel left Turn Left P1
Right lstick Steering wheel right Turn Right P1
Cross button Cross button Open/Close Bus door, Start Announcement P2
Square button Square button Left turn signal P2
Circle button Circle button Right turn signal P2
Up dpad Shifter up Drive Gear P1
Down dpad Shifter down Reverse Gear P1
Left dpad Left dpad Cycle camera modes P1
Right dpad Right dpad Cycle camera modes P1
L2 button Left paddle Left side mirror P2
R2 button Right paddle Right side mirror P2
Left rstick L2 button Turn camera (driver view) P1
Right rstick R2 button Turn camera (driver view) P1
Up rstick Up dpad Front bumper view P2
Down rstick Down dpad Back bumper view P2
L3 button L3 button Horn P2
R3 button R3 button Hazard Lights P2
Select button Select button Headlights P2

2P Be The Passenger[edit]

A second player can also play as the passengers of the bus. When you press one of these buttons, it causes one of the passengers on the bus to perform the corresponding action.

Button Action
R1 button R2 button L1 button Complain
L2 button Talk to Yourself
Square button Triangle button Circle button Praise
Cross button Exit Bus

Key config[edit]

You can configure the controller mapping by going to:

オプション (Options) → コントローラ設定 (Controller settings) → キーコンフィグ (Key Config)

In 2P Operation Sharing, this screen automatically appears for each player.

Drive Gear Turn Camera L Turn Signal L
Reverse Gear Turn Camera R Turn Signal R
Cycle Camera L Hazard Lights No Action
Cycle Camera R Brakes Door/Announce
Horn Accelerator Headlights
Bumper View F Side Mirror L [Clear] [Default]
Bumper View B Side Mirror R [Back] [Accept]

Use Neutral dpad to highlight an item, press Circle button to select it, and then press the button you want to map to your selected action.