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Many times when you select an option on a menu, you'll be asked to answer "Yes" or "No". The answer on the left (はい) is Yes. いいえ is No.

Main Menu (ゲーム選択 / Game Selection)[edit]

The Main menu

This is the first screen you see after the title screen.

  • はじめから: New Game
  • つづくから: Continue
  • もどる: Back to Title

Load (ロード / Load) and Save (セーブ / Save)[edit]

The Load menu
The Save menu

The load menu is accessed by selecting Continue from the Main Menu, or Load from the Options menu. The Save menu can be accessed when leaving gameplay (it asks if you want to save, select はい), or from the Options menu. Each saved file shows how many points you've accumulated and how many courses you have available to play.

  • トータルゲームポイント --- 0P: Total Game Points --- 0 P
  • 出現コース数 --- 3コース: Available Courses --- 3 Courses

Press Circle button, then select はい (Yes) to load or save on the selected file. Press Cross button and select はい (Yes) to exit.

Mode Selection (モード選択 / Mode Selection)[edit]

The Mode Selection menu
  • ドライバーモード: Driver Mode
  • チャレンジモード: Challenge Mode
  • いっしょモード: Two Player Mode
  • オプション: Options
  • もとる: Back

Driver Mode (ドライバーモード / Driver Mode)[edit]

The Driver Mode menu
  • 出発 Start
  • 練習: Practice
  • お客さまからの声: Passenger Feedback
  • もどる: Back

Two Player Mode (いっしょモード / Together Mode)[edit]

The Together Mode menu
  • 2Pと操作分担: 2P Operation Sharing
  • 2Pがお客さまになる: 2P Be The Passenger
  • もどる: Back

In 2P Operation Sharing, the controls are split across the two controllers. When you select this mode, the first screen that appears allows you to set which actions are mapped to the 1P controller, and the second screen is for the 2P controller. You can use the Key config section of the Controls page for a translation of the available actions. The default controls have the first controller mapped to steering, acceleration, braking, and the camera view, and the second controller is set to everything else. The buttons are the same as the default controls.

In 2P Be The Passenger, the first player plays just like normal, and the second player can press buttons to complain about or praise the bus driver, and decide when a passenger wants to get off the bus.