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  • Total number of secrets: 3
  • Total number of kills: 29
  • Item pick-ups: 13
  • PlayStation save crystals: 2

Pool entrance[edit]

Once the level begins, draw your weapons and go through the double doors that open in front of you. Stay sharp because four wolves immediately come toward you; two from the pool area to the left, one from the left corner and finally one from the right corner. To kill all of them effectively, focus on shooting one at a time, side-flipping and back-flipping to dodge any possible attack, If worse comes to worse, run to the pool area and drop in the pool; once the area is clear, pull up and continue to shoot the wolves, then rinse and repeat if they get near. When all of them are finally dead, go to the far right corner a single wolf came (if the double doors are to your back) from and follow the passage to reach a room with yet another wolf; kill it and then go through the far right corner, killing the three bats that are waiting in the passage. Continue until the end and then immediately draw your pistols and back flip; finish off the wolf that comes and then pick up the hidden Small Medpack in the green foliage up ahead.

Continue to follow the passage and kill the five bats are just ahead. Ascend the two stairs in the left corner and take an immediate left, killing two bats on your way.

The pool[edit]

The pool area... be careful of the wolves

You'll notice a room on the right with two openings: approach the right-hand opening but do not go through it just yet. Position Lara diagonally across from the wooden trough in the middle, and then quickly run to it and pull up onto the roof. Kill the bear that spawns below- when it's dead, grab the Small Medpack in the left corner of the roof and return to the pool. There are two optional secrets you can collect, both of which require you to go down in the pool in the middle of the room. If you would like to skip these secrets, then skip down to the next section of the walkthrough.

Secret #1: Jump into the pool and swim down through the passage. Turn right at the intersection and check the back right-hand corner, where there is a switch on the wall in the small room. Pull it and the trap door above will open; swim up and you will emerge in a small room which houses the first secret: a Small Medpack. Pull the switch on the wall and you will open the door next to you, which leads to the pool room again.

Secret #2: Jump into the pool again and swim to the right, but this time go to the left corner next to the entrance to the large swimming area. There is a switch here, too; pull it then backtrack towards the pool entrance but go straight at the junction. Turn left at the very end and get out of the pool here. In the corner is a door leading to a room which contains a Small Medpack and Magnum Clips. Jump back into the pool and backtrack to the pool room.

Retrieving the silver key and idol[edit]

The large gray block is movable; don't forget about that Large Medpack up above!

At the edge of the pool room opposite of the starting area, there is a door with a switch next to it. Pull it down to open the door; enter the room and ascend the stairs. Do a running jump at the top to reach the room across from the stairs. On the other side are some decrepit floors, so quickly run across them and jump to the alcove on the opposite side of the room and take the Large Medpack. If you do not make the jump, simply pull the movable block on the floor out and climb onto it.

Push the block into the wall repeatedly until you emerge in a large room. Several bats will be lying in wait, so kill them with your pistols. At the back end of this room there are two alcoves on either side of the room. The one on the left houses the Silver Key while the one on the right contains the Gold Idol. Grab them both.

Go back to the movable block, climb onto it, and pull up into the room above. Go to the other side of the room (there may be some bats here) where and opening is and pick up the Large Medpack in the dark corner (for PlayStation players, there is a Save Crystal near the pots). Climb into the opening and drop down.

Vilcabamba left passage[edit]

City of Vilcabamba and the three passages

Return to the pool area, and take the passage marked by two stone carvings at the side. Advance to the door with a keyhole next to it. Place the Silver Key into the keyhole and proceed carefully into the next room, as a dart trap lies in wait. Draw your pistols and continue to run and jump forward until you reach the next room; quickly kill the wolf that comes from the right and then the one coming from the left. Keep going straight and kill a third wolf on the left and the final two wolves that come up from ahead. Go up the steps and head through the opening on the left, since it's the only avialable passage for now.

This passage leads to a large room with a pool. Ascend the steps on the left-hand side and do a standing jump with a grab to reach the ledge above. Pull up and do a running jump to the ledge in front of the opening; go up the steps here and kill the bat that comes from the next opening. Take a running jump to reach the opposite ledge, enter the next room and kill the bat. Pick up the Small Medpack from the corner and pull down the nearby switch. Head through the opposite door, hang from the edge of the ledge and drop onto the rocks below, where you'll find some Shotgun Shells. Hang from the edge of the rocks now and drop down onto the red roof, picking up the Small Medpack in the left corner. Once you do this, drop down onto the ground and enter the right-hand opening.

Vilcabamba right passage[edit]

Jump from block to block until the top

The passage here leads to yet another room with a pool. Go to the left and use a standing jump with a grab to reach the ledge up ahead. Pull up and do the same to get to the next ledge; pull up again and then turn around. Simply jump up (by pressing the jump button and nothing else) to grab ahold of the ledge above you. Quickly draw your pistols and kill the bat that comes from the opening on the right. Head up the nearby steps and use the switch to open the middle passage door. Exit the room by going through the other entrance (the PlayStation players will find a Save Crystal here) and drop down onto the ground, then to the red roof, and finally to the ground. Proceed through the middle passage door, which is the final area to go through.

Vilcabamba middle passage[edit]

Place the idol in the nearby slot to open the exit door: go through to end the level

Be careful of the three moving blades up ahead, as they'll almost instantly kill you if you get hit by them. To get through this, stand on either side of the blade, and when it moves to other side, quickly run forward to safety. Do this for all three and use the switch at the end of the passage to open a nearby trap door which Lara falls through. Keep swimming forwards until you come upon a room, but do not surface, as bear is waiting just above you. Swim through an opening on the right instead and surface near some steps, which lead you to a safe ledge above the pool. Pull down the nearby switch and then kill the bear with your pistols from up here (if the bear gives you a hard time, try hanging from the edge and then pulling up, which attracts the bear's attention to your location).

Once the bear's dead, drop down below and place the Gold Idol into the slot next to the large door to end the level. Before going through it, however, you can pick up the level's final secret (which is a nice pair of Uzi Clips).

Secret #3: Go up the steps on the opposite side of the pool (which is to the left of the large door) and run to middle of the room. Turn around, having the right-hand wall to your left and the stairs to your right. Just to the left of the staircase is a hidden passage (the texture is deceiving), so climb down the blocks in this passage until you reach the Uzi Clips that are on the ground. Return back to the pool afterwards and end the level.