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  • Total number of secrets: 5
  • Total number of kills: 13
  • Item pick-ups: 16
  • PlayStation save crystals: 3

The valley[edit]

Proceed down the passage until you reach a stream; at that point, follow the stream to the right until you reach a series of blocks. Start climbing down, but before you reach the very bottom, draw your pistols and get rid of the two wolves down below (alternatively you can jump in the stream, go off of the waterfall and surface, immediately killing the wolves). When they're gone, climb up the small block in front of the cave entrance (opposite the waterfall) and kill the nearby wolf. Keep following the narrow passage until you reach a cavern with tall block-shaped rocks and a large opening up above. (Note: the passage on the right in the cavern leads to a dead-end area with three wolves: only go here if you want all of the kills; to be efficient, go into the area and immediately jump back, shooting the wolves from a safe vantage point.)

Begin to climb up the block-shaped rocks until you reach the large opening above. Take the nearby Large Medpack and climb down the opposite side to reach a large valley; immediately draw your pistols and kill the oncoming raptor. The best way to kill these enemies is to shoot and jump backwards at the same time, as they'll barely catch up with you when you're jumping. When that raptor's history, keep going forward into the valley, where you'll have to face yet another raptor (but be sure not to go too close to the destroyed bridge). After both raptors are dead, go near the destroyed bridge and immediately into the nearby passage (that goes into the cliff). The ground will start to shake... And a T-Rex will quickly come to greet you. Stay in the passage at all times, only coming out to shoot it a couple of times with your pistols; it will take a while but the T-Rex will eventually die (you can also fight it outside the passage, shooting and jumping backwards at the same time to successfully kill it).

Secret #1: Back in the valley, go towards the waterfall on the right, where you'll notice a small opening to the very right of the waterfall; climb into it, grab the Shotgun Shells to the right and climb back down into the valley.

Secret #2: Face the same waterfall and climb onto the low block to the left. Climb onto the next one and take a diagonal standing jump to the higher block to the right. Grab the crevice currently above you and shimmy to the right until you reach a spot in the waterfall opening you can climb into (which is near the middle); head into the passage on the right, take the Shotgun Shells and Magnum Clips and jump into the pool below the waterfall, climbing out shortly after.

The temple and the bridge[edit]

Keep going down the valley: be prepared for two raptors that come from the temple area. As before, keep shooting and jumping backwards to kill them quickly.

Secret #3: After the raptors are gone, pass the stone arch and look for a flat block on the right-hand side; climb onto it, turn left and take a standing jump with a grab to reach the next block. Take yet another standing jump with a grab to reach the next one ahead. Jump to the temple's roof by doing a running jump and collect all of the goodies: a Large Medpack, Shotgun Shells, Magnum Clips and Uzi Clips. Go back to the valley the same way you came.

In the valley, head up the small temple's steps and go inside. PlayStation players will find the usual Save Crystal in front of the pool; jump into the pool and swim to right side, collecting the 1st Machine Cog in the alcove. Climb out of the water afterwards and exit the temple. Now locate a lit opening to the right of temple: go inside it and keep following the passage until you reach the destroyed bridge from before. (Note: PlayStation players will find another Save Crystal near the bridge.) Stand at the very edge of the bridge, tap backwards and immediately run forward and jump (with a grab) to reach the other side of the bridge. Pull up, take the 2nd Machine Cog and safety drop back down into the valley (you won't take any damage if you walk backwards to climb down). Go to the left and locate an opening near the start of the valley. Proceed down the passage, following the right side, kill the raptor within the side cave; continue until you reach a small cave with a pool. Climb up the nearby stone blocks to reach an alcove with the 3rd Machine Cog; climb back down the blocks and drop into the pool, swimming through the tunnel and climbing out of the water and back into the valley.

Now it's a matter of getting back to the stream from the start of the level. Go back to the entrance of the valley where you originally killed two raptors... Climb up all of the stone blocks (where you found the Large Medpack near the skeleton) and climb back down on the opposite side. Enter the passage on the right to reach the waterfall area with the two previous wolves. Keep going up all of the blocks on the left-hand side until you get to the stream, going past the cave you started the level in.

Getting to the waterfall passage[edit]

With the three machine cogs, you will need to go upstream. Because of the current, you will have to make a series of jumps across the river, eventually finishing with a ledge grab. After a short tunnel, you will reach a wooden bridge before a gear mechanism. Place the three cogs into the appropriate slots, then pull the lever on the left to lower the dam. This stops the flow of water from blocking your progress.

Secret #4: Walk to the edge of the floor and face away from the edge so that the bridge is to Lara's right. Climb down, and shimmy to the left. Drop to a flattish rock, and enter the cave. This contains a large medipack.

Secret #5: Drop down into the water, and take a left turn at the waterfall dam. Swim all the way to the end and through an underground tunnel. This eventually leads to a room containing a small health kit and two shotgun shells. This overlooks the starting area, and is a safe drop only on a running jump.

Return the way you came to get back to the starting area. You may safely drop down into the dry river before climbing back up to the start cavern. Climb down, and reach the now dry waterfall to see a door. Enter to reach the Tomb of Qualopec.