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A list of enemies in Tomb Raider III, by level.


Level 1: Jungle[edit]

  • Monkey: These aren't hostile, so don't worry about them. Although they will attack if you shoot at them, they will mainly show you where to go and sometimes where secrets are hidden.
  • Tiger: These are quite fast, so always be prepared. If you find Secret #1, then these enemies will be easy to defeat, but always try and keep your distance.

Level 2: Temple Ruins, and Level 3: River Ganges[edit]

  • Cobra: These snakes always hide in grass so be very wary of your surroundings. As soon as it is visible, jump back and shoot from a distance, as the cobras' attacks are poisonous, but don't worry too much, as these enemies don't move from the spot.
  • Shiva Statue: Statues turned into guardians of the temple by ancient sorcery, these enemies are surprisingly quick, despite their size. They are tough nuts to crack but as soon as you have worked out a strategy, they will crumble easily. As soon as you're out of reach, they will cross their scimitars to form a barrier that renders bullets useless. They do not appear in Level 3.

Level 4: Caves of Kaliya[edit]

  • Tony: Tony is the first boss of the game. As soon as you meet him, he uses an incantation that turns the water into lava, and shoots flares that will kill Lara instantaneously should they strike her. You may find a grenade launcher, but it is not recommended to pick it up until after the battle, as Tony can still kill you as you pick up the item. Keep jumping sideways as you fight. If you can form a pattern, Tony should be easy to kill.