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Dual Pistols[edit]

Lara's standard weapon, this weapon has infinite ammunition but doesn't do much damage to tougher enemies. These weapons are vital sometimes in levels where you may want to save ammunition, as certain weapons' ammo is scarce.


This weapon is a helpful weapon if you find it in the Jungle level. Ammo is very easy to find, though it is another basic weapon.

Grenade Launcher[edit]

This weapon is found in the Caves of Kaliya level in Troy's hideout. It causes explosive damage and is a great weapon to have in your arsenal, especially against enemies like T-Rex and other Bosses, but also good against multiple enemies in a small space.

Machine Pistols/Uzis[edit]

These are found in the Aldwych level. They are great weapons, but if there are enemies who can block bullets, then it is a waste of time using them. Ammo is common in the first levels, but is used up quickly.


This weapon is found in the Crash site level. It is a great weapon to use, especially in later levels, so you should try and save it for then.

Rocket Propelled Gun[edit]

The most powerful weapon in the game. It does massive damage, and is a very valuable weapon. However, ammo is extremely scarce, so use it as a last resort only. Beware: if you pick this weapon up before completing Nevada, you will not get it back after your weapons are taken in High security compound.