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We can now get through the Lava Caves, but before going there it's worth clearing up some more events and getting the red gem that we left earlier.

To get experience, use the 100 year old bell to get back to the 100 Year Old Wise Man, then exit his hut using the door. Go along the rock platforms and look at the spinning AP icon, then keep going down. Make your way to the nearby building and go in to it to get to the Ol' Pond and open this AP box as well.

Now, to get the red experience you need, just perform laps of the area jumping on as many enemies as possible. You'll get more experience from jumping on each one individually rather than throwing them in to each other.

When you've got to level 10 in your red experience bar, go back to the 100 Year Old Wise Man's hut and go up the rope. Go through the Forest of 100 Flowers, jumping on more pigs there to maximize the amount of red experience you have, and go to the Dwarf Village.

First of all, go to the doctor in the North hut. Open the chest to get a Charity Wings item, and use the healing herbs.

Event cleared: Healing Herbs for Baron

Now you have to find fruit from the Tree of Knowledge as well.

Event found: Delicious Knowledge Fruit

Go off the right hand side of the village to the Elder's hut. Jump up the ladder, then left over the hut and in to the hole behind it.

Event found: Where'd the Lights Go?

Go left off this screen to get out of the hole, then go in to the main village and talk to the dwarf next to the fire. He'll give you his torch. Go back down the hole and use it.

Event cleared: Where'd the Lights Go?

Now go back to the surface again and talk to the woman who has appeared.

Event found: Stop the Fight!

Immediately go back down the hole and take the Broken Vase, then go back to the village. Talk to the two dwarves fighting at the entrance.

Event cleared: Stop the Fight!

Now Tomba will walk out of the village.

Event found: The Great Escape

Go right back in and to the hut, and jump down the hole again. The thief will have returned.

Event found: Treasures of the Mansion?

Event cleared: The Great Escape

We're finished with the Dwarf Village again for now. Go out of the hole and use the 1,000 Year Old Bell to return to the Haunted Mansion, then get to the chimney, drop down and collect the red gem.

Event cleared: Red Hidden Powers

Climb out of the chimney. Now we need to get to the Lava Caves. You can either do this by going over the whole Phoenix Mountain again, or - much easier - using a Charity Wings to get there (select Phoenix Mountain/Lava Caves).

Whichever route you take, we need to get the Red Pig Bag so that we can break the spell on the mountain later on. The bag is in the door with the big keyhole just over halfway through the second section of the mountain. To get to it, either drop down to the platform below the leftmost platform in the awkward jumping section then enter the cave, or get to the Phoenix's Nest and then go left and foreground-jump down to it.

Event cleared: A Stormy Pig Bag

Event found: Phoenix Mountain

Now go back to the Lava Caves. These caves are even more difficult to get through than the Mushroom Forest as it's even easier to fall off the bottom of the screen and die.

Note: this whole section is made considerably easier to get through if you equip both the umbrella and the grappling hook in order to get to the chests. Jump on them, get the loot and simply float your way to the nearest pumpkin plant where you can grapple yourself up to safety.

First of all, equip the Grapple. Jump and fire the grapple at the nearby plant. While swinging on the grapple, the left and right directions will get Tomba to swing, and up and down will make him extend or reduce the length of the rope. Hoist yourself up on to the plant by holding Up then pressing X, then jump across to the one on the right, hitting it with your grapple so that you don't fall.

The second portal will be slightly to your left - jump up to it to enter.

Boss: The Pink Evil Pig[edit]

This pig sends down lightning strikes which electrify the platforms of the same colour that they hit. They can be difficult to avoid, but this fight is very easy if you wait at the top of the screen and jump on him when he appears. Wait for the bag to be facing the right way, then jump up and throw him in.

Event cleared: The Haunted Mansion

A short FMV will play of the Haunted Mansion being lifted of its curse.

So the haunted mansion is no longer haunted. Jump off the platform to the plant, then across to the next one with the Bunk Flower on it. Jump and cling on to the pod hanging from the ceiling, then the wobbling platform. Don't stay on this long as it will fall - make your way over to the plants on the right, then to the solid platform to collect the second Bunk Flower.

The third flower is to the top-left of here - look up if you can't see it, then jump and grapple to it. Nearby you'll see a thief, so talk to him.

Event found: The Troubled Thief

It's difficult to see how to get down from here. Go on to the plant then leap right and grab the pod, then drop to the nearby platform.

Grapple up to the plant on the right then grapple directly above you to hit another. It's safest to ignore the blue chest, as it only has two Charity Wings items in it. Grapple directly above again and take the bag - What the Thief Lost.

Now we have to get it back to him. Drop down twice, then jump left and grapple on to the pod. Swing across to the plant and give the bag to the thief.

Event cleared: The Troubled Thief

Note: this whole section is made considerably easier to get through if you equip both the umbrella and the grappling hook in order to get to the chests. Jump on them, get the loot and simply float your way to the nearest pumpkin plant where you can grapple yourself up to safety.

Now jump right to the pod again, and get to the nearby plant where you can see the blue chest. Jump right so that you're directly below that chest and drop down as straight as you can, and with any luck you'll land on a platform at the bottom of the screen.

Jump across the plants to the right and get the fourth Bunk Flower. The blue chest next to it contains a 1up, but is difficult to get open without dying - open it, then grapple up and left to hit the plant just after you touch the contents.

Keep going right until you reach a 100 year old chest in midair to the right. It has a Vitality Max +1 inside which is well worth getting, but the risk is the same as before. Jump on to it, open it, then fire the grapple at the plant after you get the item but before you fall too far. If you get it, your vitality will be at the maximum of 8.

Once you're back at the plant, grapple up to the next one. The jump here is quite difficult to get right - go to the right side of the plant and grapple on to the edge of the platform above. The area you can hit is quite small - it's about where the red crack is at the lowest. Let out the rope so that you're swinging as far as you can, then let go at the peak of your swing to fly across to the last Bunk Flower.

Event cleared: The Phoenix's Favorite

You're still going to need to land from the jump - try and get to the grey chest. Now grapple on to the platform above in the same way as before, and jump up on to it. Go to the right to escape these caves.

Now you're near the Phoenix's Nest. Go right and climb to the top of the area by jumping awkwardly up the platforms, then use the Bunk Flowers when you're next to the Phoenix.

Event cleared: The Master of the Skies

A short FMV will play of the Phoenix taking to the skies...