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Item Location Description
Bandage You start with it This item is easy to miss because you actually start the game with it in your inventory. It serves an important purpose that isn't for cleaning wounds.
Lighter Laboratory Found among the professor's discarded items, you never know when a lighter will come in handy.
Silver Key Labortatory Another item found among the professor's items, you'll need to hold on to this for a long time before you find its purpose.
Sword Laboratory The sword will be your one and only weapon against the evils that you encounter in the ruins. Its power can be augmented by jewels.
Ixmol Jewel Nunnery The Ixmol Jewel provides you with a password that you can use to continue your game. Use it before you enter a new area.
Mosaic Tile High Priest's Tomb This tile is found on a coffin in the High Priest's Tomb. It is said to be the key to opening the treasure room in El Castillo pyramid.
One-eyed Mask High Priest's Tomb The hole in this mask will accept a jewel through which you may be able to view the truth.
Shallow Bowl El Castillo While it doesn't look particularly valuable, it will ultimately serve a purpose that may save your life when you combine it with another item.
Gold Mirror El Castillo This item can reflect light and help you find things, but you'll need to wash it off first to be of any use to you.
Gold Stand El Castillo The purpose of this object may not be readily apparent, but you'll need it in order to find an important item.
Small Rod El Castillo This small rod is covered with iron dust when you find it, due to it's magnetic properties.
Silver Globe El Castillo This globe has the ability to redirect light that shines on it when music is played in its presence.
Red Jewel El Castillo This jewel adds power to the items that you connect it to. Somewhat difficult to find, but vital to your progress.
Ring of Itza El Castillo This magically enchanted ring is said to bless its wearer with protection from evil.
Pan Pipes Well of Paradise These pipes are the only tool that you discover on your journey that are capable of producing music. However, you'll need to fix them first.
Golden Globe Court of Columns Like the Silver Globe, this item can redirect light that shines on it after music is played.
Silver Head Court of Columns You will find a heavy head of a statue in the Court of Columns under the right conditions. Reunite it with its body to reveal a secret.
Crystal Key El Caracol This key is used to open a lock on a similarly transparent object.
Silver Censer El Caracol A censer is an object that is used to hold incense while it is burning.
Tall Flask Castillo Pyramid The substance in this flask resembles water, but you can't drink it until just the right moment and time.
Small Flask Castillo Pyramid This flask also contains a water light substance. When you drink it, things return to their normal size.
Incense Castillo Pyramid It is said that the scent of this incense is so strong that it could awaken the dead.
Sun Necklace Temple of Warriors With this item, you'll be able to tell the time of day. However, it's dirty when you find it, so you'll need to wash it first.
Iron Key Temple of Warriors This key is wedged very tightly in a small hole, so prying fingers can't remove it. You'll need another tool.
Blue Jewel Temple of Warriors This jewel is more powerful than the Red Jewel. But to get it, you'll have to find a way to avoid a fight.
Blue Block Ball Court This unassuming item serves as a key both when it is removed from one place, and when it is inserted in another.
Akbal Jewel Ball Court This jewel has the power to repel evil. Without it, you won't be able to defeat some of the demons.
Stone Pawl Ball Court A pawl is used to hold a mechanism in place. You'll have to remove it from one location, and place it in another.
Two-eyed Mask Well of Sacrifice Those secrets that the One-eyed Mask cannot perceive, the Two-eyed Mask can see, but only with the correct tools.
Sun Key Ball Court The item that the professor was in search of, it allows one to enter the Shrine of Tentacula. Retrieving it will be a challenge.