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El Caracol[edit]

You will find El Caracol to the south-west of El Castillo. It looks like an oddly shaped pyramid. Inside, you will find a round room with a pedestal in the center.

Tombs & Treasure Walkthrough 06.jpg
LOOK at anything
A "Snake Master" will appear.
JOIN the Red Jewel and the Sword
FIGHT the Snake Master
Even at Level 5, you will have a difficult time defeating the Snake Master if you do not join the Red Jewel and the Sword first. Once you do, you should be able to defeat the Snake Master. However, if you feel you are running too low on Hit Points, escape the fight by leaving the room, and return to try again.
LOOK at the small window
You can see the Court of Columns in the distance.
GO ⇓
LOOK at the Pedestal
It appears to be designed to hold a globe.
Note: Whatever you do, do not have Jose PUSH the pedestal at this time. If you do, you will not be able to move it back, and you will not be able to complete the game.
Tombs & Treasure Walkthrough 06a.jpg
PUT the Silver Globe
It will fit on the pedestal.
LOOK at the Silver Globe
It's said that a beautiful sound will awaken the globe.
CHANGE to the girl
USE the Pan Pipes
The globe will become transparent and a beam of light will shoot out from the globe.
LOOK at the light
It goes out the window and shines like a laser.
GO ⇓

Court of Columns[edit]

Tombs & Treasure Walkthrough 07.jpg

In order to find this, you must walk one screen to the east of the tall ornate pyramid known as the Temple of Warriors. While on this screen walk among the columns until you find the entrance,

LOOK at anything
"El Slug" will appear.
If you have reached Level 8, you should be able to defeat El Slug before you become too badly damaged.
LOOK at the Column
You will discover one particular column that is shining in the back of the court.
Tombs & Treasure Walkthrough 07a.jpg
LOOK at the Gound
You may notice something unusual about it.
SMASH the Ground
You will discover a Golden Globe.
LOOK at the Golden Globe
It looks to be about 3 to 4 inches in size, and music is said to make it glow brighter.
TAKE the Golden Globe
GO ⇓
GO ⇓

El Caracol Revisited[edit]

TAKE the Silver Globe
PUT the Gold Globe
CHANGE to the Girl
USE the Pan Pipes
GO ⇓

Court of Columns Revisited[edit]

LOOK at the Column
SMASH the Ground
A Silver Head will appear. It's a head with both eyes open, but you can't tell the gender.
TAKE the Silver Head
GO ⇓

El Castillo Revisited[edit]

GO ⇑
PUT the Silver Head
The head will fit on the headless statue, and a secret entrance will appear.
GO downstairs
You will arrive in a secret basement.
Tombs & Treasure Walkthrough 08.jpg
LOOK at the Stone Box
You will find a leather bag inside. The bag contains incense.
TAKE the Small Flask
It contains something like water, and it's the size of a bottle of eye drops.
TAKE the Large Flask
It also contains something like water.
GO upstairs
GO ⇓
GO ⇓

El Caracol's second floor[edit]

TAKE the Golden Globe
CHANGE to Jose
PUSH the Pedestal
A staircase to the second floor will appear.
GO ⇒ or upstairs
You will arrive on the second floor, which looks a lot like the first floor, but with an extra window.
Tombs & Treasure Walkthrough 09.jpg
PUT the Golden Globe
The globe will sit on the pedestal, but nothing may happen initially.
Wait for as long as it takes until light comes through the window and strikes the globe. The globe will reflect the light back onto the wall.
LOOK at the Wall
You will notice one section glowing particularly brightly.
SMASH the Wall
You will create a hole that will reveal the Crystal Key.
TAKE the Crystal Key
Go ⇓
TAKE the Golden Globe
PUT the Gold Stand
PUT the Golden Globe
The globe will now sit on top of the stand, on top of the pedestal. Light will come through the other window and strike the globe.
SWITCH to the girl
USE the Pan Pipes
The globe will change and reflect light onto another portion of the wall.
LOOK at the Wall
Another section is now glowing brightly.
SMASH the Wall
You will discover the Silver Censer
TAKE the Censer
Go ⇓
Go ⇓
Go ⇓

Temple of Warriors[edit]

One screen to the left of the Court of Columns, you will find the pyramid that represents the Temple of Warriors. Step inside to find three statues, including one of a jaguar with a blue jewel in its forehead.

Tombs & Treasure Walkthrough 10.jpg
LOOK at anything
A Cadaver will appear.
FIGHT the Cadaver
You should be around Level 10, if not 11, and the Cadaver should go down without much of a fight.
LOOK at the Sun Necklace
TAKE the Sun Necklace
TAKE the Blue Jewel
The jaguar will come to life.
GO ⇓
Exit the temple, and then immediately return inside. The Jaguar should disappear for a short while.
Tombs & Treasure Walkthrough 10b.jpg
LOOK at the hole
You find a rusty key inside.
TAKE the key
You will find that the boy's fingers are not small enough.
CHANGE to the girl
TAKE the key
Her fingers are not small enough as well. She will suggest that if you have something magnetic, you could pull it out.
USE the Small Rod
The key sticks to it like a magnet, and you retrieve it.
GO ⇓
GO ⇓

Wash the Sun Necklace[edit]

Return to the Well of Paradise, several screens south of the Temple of Warriors

WASH the Sun Necklace
The circle at the top of the screen will flash. It's color will indicate the time of day; yellow is dawn, white is noon, red is dusk, and black is midnight.
GO ⇓

Back to the Temple of Warriors[edit]

Now that you can tell time, you will know when it's noon. As one of the tablets in El Castillo illustrated, if you play a sound a noon, the jaguar will become a statue. Enter the temple and wait until it attack you.

CHANGE to the girl
Tombs & Treasure Walkthrough 10a.jpg
USE the Pan Pipes
The jaguar will return to a statue.
TAKE the Blue Jewel
Like the Red Jewel, this jewel can be joined with the mask and the sword.
JOIN the Blue Jewel and the Sword
GO ⇓