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The Tomb of the High Priest[edit]

Travel north-west until you reach a pyramid. Climb to the top and enter the tomb. When you arrive, it will appear to be empty.

Tombs & Treasure Walkthrough 03.jpg
LOOK at anything
A "Skorpor" will appear.
FIGHT the Skorpor
Even at Level 1, you should be able to badly damage the Skorpor until it is defeated.
LOOK at the Wall
Although it looks ordinary, something suggests that it is not.
MOVE or PUSH the Wall
It moves slightly, but you're not strong enough.
CHANGE to Jose
MOVE or PUSH the Wall
Jose creates an opening that you can pass through.
GO ⇒
Tombs & Treasure Walkthrough 03a.jpg
LOOK at the Mosaic Tile
Jose will inform you that the professor said he needed that tile to open the treasure room in El Castillo Pyramid.
TAKE the Mosaic Tile
The lid of the coffin will slide open. Inside, you will find a skeleton that you notice is wearing a mask.
TAKE the Mask
(optional) LOOK at the Skeleton
(optional) MOVE the Skull
You will notice a keyhole under the skull. However, nothing currently in your possession will fit the keyhole.
GO ⇓
GO ⇐
GO ⇓

El Castillo Pyramid[edit]

This pyramid is found to the east of the High Priest's Tomb. It is also known as the Temple of Kukulcan.

Tombs & Treasure Walkthrough 04.jpg
LOOK at anything
A "Two Beak" will appear.
FIGHT the Two Beak
At Level 2, you will be strong enough to badly damage the Two Beak until it is defeated.
LOOK at the Hollow
You will notice a hole in the floor measuring 1" by 2" and between 1 and 2 inches deep. Nothing you currently have will fit the hole.
GO ⇑
You will reach a wall at a dead-end
Tombs & Treasure Walkthrough 04a.jpg
LOOK at the Hollow
The girl will suggest that if you have something that fits in the hole, the door might open up.
PUT the Mosaic Tile
The tile will fit in the hole, and the wall slides up to reveal a treasure room.
Tombs & Treasure Walkthrough 04b.jpg
TAKE the Shallow Bowl
TAKE the Gold Mirror
TAKE the Gold Stand
LOOK at the Silver Globe
It's called the Globe of Light, and you should take it to Caracol.
TAKE the Silver Globe
LOOK at the Flask
You will obtain a small iron rod from it.
Note: Just because you can join the Small Rod and the Shallow Bowl doesn't mean that you should. Once you do this, you can't undo it. And if you do it too soon, you will be unable to use the Small Rod for another purpose, and thus be unable to complete and win the game!
LOOK at the Tall Flask
You'll notice something shiny inside that you can't get out.
SMASH the Tall Flask
The girl will discover a ring with a stunning jewel that fits on her finger perfectly. Jose explains that it's the Ring of Itza, which is said to have the power to defeat evil. He doesn't know what use it will be, but suggests that you do not lose it.
MOVE the Gold Pile
Looking through the gold, you find a red jewel. Jose explains that it looks like the legendary jewel that the professor was searching for. The girl adds the professor said that, used in a one-eyed mask, it would make secrets become visible. Jose continues saying that, used on a sword, it would create a magical power.
LOOK at the Stone Box
You find tiles inside, but you can't understand them.
JOIN the Red Jewel and the One-eyed Mask.
USE the One-eyed Mask
You will be able to understand the tiles. You see men digging up the censer at dusk. A trumpet at noon, and the jaguar becomes a statue. Men drinking a potion at night and shrinking. To solve this riddle, you will have to discover the Sun Necklace and find the position of the sun.
GO ⇓
GO ⇓

Well of Paradise[edit]

Tombs & Treasure Walkthrough 05.jpg

Find the Well of Paradise to the east of your starting point. Walk to the spot between the water and the structure to access the well.

WASH the Gold Mirror
You will clean off the mirror. As you do, you will notice something else in the water that resembles Pan pipes.
TAKE the Pan Pipes.
LOOK at the Pan Pipes
You will notice a hole in the pipes, preventing them from being used.
JOIN the Pan Pipes and the Bandage
Applying the bandage to the pipes will block the hole and fix the pipes.
GO ⇓