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Gaps (sometimes called transfers) are special landmarks where performing an air and/or grind trick at that spot will earn you extra points. They can be as simple as jumping from one ramp to another or grinding a rail to as difficult as following a large sequence of tricks in one combo. When your skater performs a gap correctly, a camera click is heard and the gap name will appear in blue in your combo list. However, for the gap to count, the skater must end their combo without bailing. Gaps reward points and unlike tricks, do not decrease their score when executed again.

Unlike the future installments, discovering every gap at least once is not required for full completion, so the following list is for reference's sake.

Common Gaps[edit | edit source]

These are gaps that can be found in multiple levels.

  • HP Transfer: Launch from any object into a half pipe.
  • Mega Ollie: Rotate at least 1260 degrees in the air. That's three and a half rotations.
  • Rail 2 Rail: Jump from one rail to the other.
  • Ramp 2 Ramp: Jump from one ramp to the other.
  • Transfer: Launch out from a quarter pipe, half pipe, or pool to/over another.

Warehouse[edit | edit source]

The Big Rail gap.
  • Big Rail: In the middle of the room, there's a long rail that bends slightly at an angle. Grind the entire rail to get this gap.
  • Channel Gap: There are three quarter pipes that sandwich both entrances to the warehouse. Launch from one pipe to the other (and try to get the bonus points up there while you're at it).
  • Deck 2 Rail: At the quarter pipe with the deck holding another quarter pipe, jump up to the deck. Line yourself carefully toward the big rail, ollie off the deck, and land on the rail with a grind.
  • Face Plant: At the quarter pipe with the deck holding another quarter pipe, jump forward high enough to pass both pipes and touch the wall. This requires a great amount of speed and timing.
  • High Rail: At the back of the warehouse, there is a winding quarter pipe. Above the right side of that quarter pipe, there is a high rail with a sign under it that reads "skateboarding". Launch off the pipe and grind that rail above.
  • Holy Shi...: This gap is grinding the entire wide quarter pipe resting at the back of the room. An easy way to start is to leap from the half pipe's ramp toward a rail at the other side. Grinding that rail will quickly take you to the quarter pipe. This requires a lot of balancing skill.
  • Kicker 2 Ledge: At the area with the two kicker ramps, jump off the kicker facing away from the wall toward the gray ledge at the corner.
  • Kicker Gap: There are two kicker ramps resting at a corner of the room. Simply ollie from one ramp to the other.
  • Monster Grind: Go to the quarter pipe that has the high rail with the "skateboarding" sign and launch up to grind that rail. Drop down to grind the quarter pipe and the rail resting on the ledge at the end of the quarter pipe.
  • Over the Pipe: The half pipe is sandwiched between two large ramps. Jump from one ramp to the other, making sure you have a lot of speed.
  • Secret Room: Above the half pipe is a small corridor surrounded by breakable glass. Jump from one ramp to the other, going through the corridor in the process.
  • Taxi 2 Ledge: From the taxi funbox, ollie from it toward the ledge that has the short rail on top.
  • Taxi 2 Rail: From the taxi funbox, ollie from it toward the big rail in the middle of the warehouse.
  • Taxi Gap: From the taxi funbox, ollie from it to the middle of the wooden half pipe.
  • Transfer: At the wide quarter pipe, there is a U-shaped bend in the middle. Launch over one side of the U-bend to the other.
  • Transition Grind: Go to the quarter pipe that rests between the rolling and a wall. Grind the edge toward the wall and then wallride. Jump off the wall toward the half pipe and grind the half pipe's edge.

School[edit | edit source]

  • Ditch Slap: At the area with the two footbridges, there are short ramps adjacent to them. Get some speed and fly off those ramps to the other side.
  • Dumpster Rail Gap: Near the outside of the gymnasium are two rails propped up by dumpsters. Grind one rail, ollie off, and grind the other.
  • Funbox To Table Transfer: Near the ditch, there is a table resting by a quarter pipe and a funbox. Ollie from the funbox and grind the table when you land.
  • Garbage Ollie: The back of the gymnasium has a couple of lone dumpsters that you can jump over.
  • Gimme Gap: From the starting point, jump off the canopy and land on the planter, grinding the edge.
    The start of the Hall Pass gap.
  • Hall Pass: At the path that goes from the gymnasium to the pools, there is a rail hanging above. Jump to the grass and grind that rail. At the end, jump off and drop down to grind the ledge below.
  • Handicap Rail: Between the stairs and handicap ramp, there is a long rail. Grind the entire length of it.
  • Huge Rail: At the half pipe area, grind the entire edge of the ramp that hugs the small, rectangular building.
  • Kicker Gap: At the ditch area, near the handicap rail, there are two ramps. Ollie from one to the other.
  • Long Ass Rail: From the top of the path that goes from the gym to the pools, grind the entire right side of the path.
  • Minigap: At the courtyard, there is a small gap between two quarter pipes to the left of the metal shed. Launch from one to the other.
  • Over A Footbridge: In the ditch, there are three humps. With a lot of speed, ollie from one hump and air over one of the bridges.
  • Over The Air Conditioner: On the gym's rooftop, there is a large air conditioner with a 2x4 resting on it. Use the large ramps between the air conditioner to jump over it.
  • Park Gap: At the courtyard, there is a large gap between two quarter pipes to the right of the metal shed. Launch from one to the other.
  • Planter Gap: At the gymnasium grounds, grind one planter and ollie to another.
  • Playground Rail: At the courtyard, grind the entire brick wall.
  • Rail 2 Rail Transfer: At the courtyard, grind one of the triangle rails and ollie toward the other at an angle.
  • Roof 2 Awning Gap: On top of the gym's roof, instead of using the 2x4 to get to the awning, ollie toward it.
  • Roof 2 Roof Gap: On top of the gym's roof, there is a smaller roof across it with three 200 point bonuses. Gain speed, angle toward the smaller roof and launch off a quarter pipe to fly to it.
  • Swim Team: At the pools, go into the smaller pool with the ramp. Gain some speed by doing tricks and then launch yourself out of the pool toward the other pool.

Mall[edit | edit source]

  • 32 Step From Mezzanine: Before you exit the atrium, there's a ramp that will help you up toward a higher floor with a showcase of boxes on top. That's the mezzanine. When you reach the end of the floor, ollie over the stair set that leads you to the exit.
  • Coffee Grind: To the left of the fountain, there's a coffee shop with a rail nearby.
  • The Flying Leap: At the highest balcony, simply ollie off the edge toward the suspended rails. You don't have to grind the rails for this gap to register.
  • For The Whole Atrium: In the atrium, there are two high ledges on both sides. Grind the entire length of one of the ledges.
  • Fountain Gap: Going up to the second floor from the mall entrance, ride down a curved ramp that leads to a hole in the fountain. Jump into the hole for this gap.
  • Going Down Gap: Near the pool with two rails over it is a "parking" area with quarter pipes and two elevators. Ramp over the elevator shaft to the right of the parking sign.
  • Going Up Gap: Similar to the Going Up Gap, air over the elevator shaft to the left of the parking sign.
    Leaping to the planter for the Rail Combo gap.
  • Over A 16 Stair Set: To the left of the ramp that leads you up to the highest balcony is a set of stairs. Ollie over the entire set.
  • Over A Huge 32 Stair Gap: This is similar to 32 Step From Mezzanine, except you must jump over the final set of stairs from the main floor instead of the top floor.
  • Planter Gap: On the first floor at the mall's entrance, there's a set of flat planters in front of Thrashed Records. Grind all three in one combo.
  • Rail Combo: There are two ways to get Rail Combo. Go up to the second floor after entering the mall. You can take a right toward a rail sticking out of the edge. Grind that rail, ollie, and land in another grind at the planter below. The other way is taking a left toward another rail sticking out and grinding that toward the Coffee Rail below. Both ways require precise timing on your ollie.
  • Skater Escalator Gap: Right by the Pizza Face restaurant are two escalators side by side. Jump over them completely.

Skate Park[edit | edit source]

  • Acid Drop: At the far side of the room, there's a walkway that rests behind the pool and half pipe. Get on the walkway and ollie over the half pipe to the quarter pipe behind it.
  • HP Transfer: There is a small ramp right by the half pipe. Launch from that to the half pipe for this gap.
  • Light Grind: Below the rafters are lights that you can grind. Be careful when landing on the half pipe at the wrong angle.
  • Over the Box: Jump over the entire funbox that's to the left of your starting point. Use the ramps to give you enough speed for this transfer.
  • Over the Pipe: Jump over the entire half pipe. You can do this by launching off the quarter pipe in front of it, but it takes a well-timed ollie and full stats.
  • Over the Rafters: Above the half pipe, near the ceiling, there are some metal rafters. When you launch forward from the quarter pipe that's against the half pipe, make sure to have lots of air to fly over the rafter.
  • Pipe 2 Box Grind: Ollie from the half pipe to the rail that sits on the large funbox. This takes an incredible amount of precision.
  • Pool 2 Rails: Fly from the pool to the double rails, landing in a grind.
  • Pool 2 Walkway: While in the pool, ollie forward to that walkway.
    Launching over the Pool Hip.
  • Pool Hip: Inside the pool, launch over from one end of the U-shape to the other. Be careful not to hit the pillar.
  • Rafter Grind: When you launch to the rafters above, perform a grind on them.
  • Transfer: Ollie from the ramp against the half pipe into the half pipe itself or vice versa.
  • Walkway Rail Transfer: Behind your starting position is a high walkway. Go past the double rails toward a quarter pipe and launch to the right, angling yourself to land. While on the walkway, leap from it to a grind on the double rails.
  • Wall Gap At the starting position, you should see a small funbox with a wall that has two heights. Jump over the high part of the wall.
  • Whoop Gap: At the area with two rails with two platforms at each end, jump from one platform to the other.

Downtown[edit | edit source]

  • Big Ass: At the plaza with the two giant screens, there is a raised platform in the middle of it. Leap from one end of the platform to the other.
  • BS Gap: There are bus stops with kickers on both sides. Use a kicker to leap over the bus stop.
  • BS Grind: It's the same principle as BS Gap except you must grind the bus stop instead.
  • Car Ollie: Jump over a parked car.
  • Cheesy Deck Gap, Deck Gap, Burly Deck Gap: There is a deck that's sandwiched between two quarter pipes and across the street from the fountain. Where you transfer from one quarter pipe to the other affects which gap you get: cheesy for the shortest end, regular for the middle, and burly for the wide part.
  • Death Rail Grind: On the roof with the built-in bowl, ollie toward one of the rails down below that lead you to the fountain. Use the small ramp as a guide on where you need to face.
  • Glass Gap: At the plaza, use the higher platform to ramp from it to the building with the glass entrance. You must jump over the entrance for this to count.
  • Kicker 2 Edge: In the alleyway where you start, you can use the kickers to launch to the platforms at the left or right and grind at the edges.
  • Kicker 2 Street: Right where you start, there's a kicker that will take you up to the elevated street behind you.
  • Kicker Gap: Jump from one kicker to the other in the alleyway.
  • Phat Gap: At the fountain, jump from one brick bank to the other, clearing over the path that leads to the fountain.
  • Rail 2 Rail Transfer: Nearby the deck with two quarter pipes, there are two rails on slopes. Grind from one to the other.
  • Roof 2 Roof: At the roof with the quarter pipes and ramps, there is a kicker that points toward another roof with a bowl installed and some rails. Leap from one roof to the other.
    Ollie off this ramp toward the window.
  • Secret Tunnel Entrance: Using a kicker on the street, jump up toward the walkway, crashing through the window and landing inside.
  • Sucky Room Gap: There is a vacant room with only one 500 inside. To access it, you must go to the rooftops and then angle yourself toward a kicker facing the room. Ollie from the roof and crash into the window.
  • T 2 T Gap: Near the walkway, there is a parked truck on the street that points toward a window. Skate on the truck and leap toward the window.
  • Truck Gap: At the U-curved road, there is a stationed truck with a floating 200 and two kickers. Jump from one kicker to the other, clearing the truck.
  • Tunnel Gap: Using a kicker and lots of speed, ollie over the walkway that leads you to the rooftops.
  • Wimpy Gap: At the fountain, jump from the small planter to the top of the banks.

Downhill Jam[edit | edit source]

The letter E on the Neversoft Elec Co. rail.
  • 25 ft, 50 ft, 75 ft, 100 ft: At the fourth value, stay crouched as you go down a steep hill and launch off the ramp. The farther you go before you touch the ground, the more "ft" gaps you hit in one combo.
  • Huge Water Hazard Gap: At the ravine with the two parallel pipes, air over the entire ravine.
  • Neversoft Elec Co. Gap: At the area with the large grate, there is a rail high above at the right side. Get some speed and then launch up the right side of the grate area, angling yourself to the left. If done correctly, you should be able to grind that rail.

Burnside[edit | edit source]

The Bridge Gap.
  • Bridge Gap: Using the funbox, ollie up high to jump through a small opening in the bridge's supports.
  • Bridge Grind: Using the funbox, ollie up high to jump to one of the bridge's supports and grind the edge.
  • Over Da Pool: There is a wall covered in graffiti along the quarter pipe. Launch from the wall and go over the eyeball pool. It may require a lot of distance for it to register.
  • Transfer: Ollie forward from the quarter pipe into the rectangular pool or vice versa. It can be performed at the short and long sides of the pool.
  • Twinkie Transfer: There is a rounded bump at the north side of the level. Jump from that bump to the rectangular pool. You'll need some speed and a lot of precision to make this transfer.
  • Vert Wall Gap: While in the eyeball pool, launch forward over the small graffiti wall.

Streets[edit | edit source]

Rune Glifberg on Bendy's Lip.
  • Acid Drop In: Wallride from either side of Hubba's half pipe and drop toward the half pipe itself. It's a rather tricky gap, but not difficult.
  • Backwoods Ledge: Before the building that has the letter T, there is a tall ledge. Ollie toward it and grind the entire ledge.
  • Bendy's Lip: At one corner of the map to the left of the building that holds the letter E, there is a long quarter pipe that hugs the corner. Grind the entire lip of that pipe.
  • C Block Gap: At center square, there is a small ramp that faces the octagon sculpture. Ollie over the sculpture using that ramp.
  • Fountain Gap: Get on the snake-like sculpture that's mentioned in the Hidden Tape section and jump from the end toward the ledge ahead.
  • The Gonz Gap: At the center, there is a large stone wall with a slight angle. Grind the edge that's furthest from the road with the slight bend going toward the right. Before the skater reaches the bend, jump off and grind the small steps in front of the skater.
  • Handi Gap: To the left of Porkers Donut Hole, there is a large handicap ramp and another quarter pipe. Launch from the quarter pipe at the donut shop and over the ramp to the other side.
  • Hook Rail: At Hubba's Hideout, there is a ramp that leads up to the overpass with a greenish rail. Grind that rail from top to bottom.
  • Hubba Gap: At Hubba's Hideout, there's a large overpass and a small ramp facing it. Get some speed from a quarter pipe and jump off the small ramp, going over the bridge to get this gap.
  • Hubba Ledge: On the overpass set at Hubba's Hideout, grind the entire ledge.
  • Lombard Gap: Ollie over Lombard Street. There should be a ramp-shaped planter to jump from.
  • Lombard Ledge: Grind the entire ledge that's to the left of Lombard Street.
  • Oversized 8 Step: Nearby the donut shot, there is a large set of stairs. Ollie over the entire set.
  • Over the Seven: At the center square, there is an octagon-shaped work of art with a slight bend at one side to keep any skater from grinding it indefinitely. Grind the entire sculpture for this gap.
  • Pagoda Gap: Following the directions of getting the secret tape, there is a building with a tall, long ramp that points toward a pagoda. Launch from the ramp toward the pagoda, making sure to break through the top of the pagoda for the gap to count.
  • Planter Gap: At the center square, ollie between the planters.
  • Porch Gap: At Chinatown, facing the exit, go to the left side where the 500 is and leap at the edge, jumping over a small porch to the street.
  • Rail 2 Rail: In front of the building that contains the letter E, there are two guardrails. Grind one, ollie over the middle ramp, and land on the other.
  • Ramp 2 Ramp: There are two instances of this gap. The first is at Chinatown where there are two ramps between the entrance to the trolley station. Air from one to the other. The other two ramps are to the left of the large building that contains the letter E. Again, air from one to the other.
  • Spine Gap: At the center square, launch from a ramp that's pointing toward the large stone wall with a slight bend.
  • The Spiral: Inside the building where the letter T is located, there is a one-way exit that will open up to show a spiral. Grind the left ledge of the spiral all the way to the bottom.
  • Street Gap: At Chinatown, face toward the exit and ride down the right ledge. At the very end, jump over the street and land near the crime site.

Roswell[edit | edit source]

  • Bhouse Rail: At the left side from the skater's starting point, there is a rail that has a high middle and two low ends. Grind the entire rail, but don't forget to jump before the high middle.
  • Channel Gap: At one corner of the map, there is a secret room where they store some alien stuff and a pool. Use the pool to air over the exit. You can also get this by airing over the entrance of the secret room from the metal half pipe to the wooden winding pipe.
  • Deck Gap: Launch off one of the two kickers that rest on the deck and and land on the ground.
  • Deck Grind: Launch off one of the two kickers that rest on the deck and land with a grind on the rail resting on the ground.
  • EB Emerson Gap: On the deck there is a lone quarter pipe that faces the Bhouse Rail. Launch forward from that pipe toward the rail and grind it.
    The Low Tech Gap.
  • ET Grind: There is a forbidden room where an alien is being operated mercilessly. Ignore that alien and grind the set of rails outside the doors for this gap.
  • High Tech Gap: Ollie over the entire upper deck that's in the middle of the level. It's between two half pipes and requires an incredible amount of speed, even at full stats.
  • Low Tech Gap: Ollie over the entire lower deck that's in the middle of the level. It's between two large ramps with chevron arrows painted on them.
  • Pool Grind: At the secret pool room, grind the entire lip of the pool from one end to the other.
  • Roll in Channel Gap: The skater starts at the top of the rolling. Turn to the right and get some speed at the metal half pipe first. Then angle the skater toward the right and air over the entire channel and land back on the quarter pipe at the other side.