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Your next stop to being the best pro is south of the border. The Bullhorn Brawl has converted a stadium for bullfighting into a skate park. You got halfpipes, rails, and a huge loop-de-loop in the middle.

One 3,000 Point Combo[edit]

Cash Reward: $500

Between the west halfpipe and the giant loop are two rails, one one a giant slope and one over a small hump. From the right, grind the humped rail, jump off when necessary to do air tricks or spins. As you go up the sloped rail, jump and do another 180, then just wait until you turn the other way. Jump off again and do an air trick and hopefully land on the humped rail for another grind. You should have around an 8 to 9 multiplier to get enough points for this combo. Also consider using the second best board so you don't miss the rail when you jump down.

Shoot the Loop 5 Times[edit]

The giant loop.

Cash Reward: $500

The middle of the level has a large loop-de-loop that you'll automatically skate through when you go near it. However, if you don't have enough speed, you'll bail and roll back down to where you started. You will need to upgrade from the weakest board to pass through it with enough speed. Once you reach the other side, you can keep the rhythm by turning around and grinding the rail in front of you for a burst of speed.


Cash Reward: $500

Most of these letters are high up and two of them are to the right of the giant loop; you'll need to upgrade to a better board to pass through the loop and nab a couple of letters.

  • The letter A.
    S: Way above your starting point. Skate up the slope, turn around and grind the rail. Jump off just a bit after going down the slope and you should reach it.
  • K: Above the right side of the west halfpipe. Go back and forth on the HP until you get enough air for the K.
  • A: Floating high above a rail to the left of the giant loop. Reach it by grinding the rail with full speed and jumping just before you reach the kink that flattens the rail. You'll need a lot of speed for this one.
  • T: Above the right side of the east halfpipe. Once again, go back and forth on the HP to build up speed for it.
  • E: At the right edge of the map, above a ramp. Build up some speed before trying to grab it.

15,000 Points[edit]

Cash Reward: $1,500

The line I posted in "15,000 points" is essential for your first combo, so score big while attempting this for a good start. You can keep doing that line or get into the west halfpipe to do air tricks and spins back and forth. With how long it can take to go through the giant loop, it's best to stay on the left side instead of traveling to the right.

Cash Icons[edit]

Once again, there are only three to grab and they're easier to get than the letters.

  • $10: Above the left side of the west halfpipe. Go back and forth on the HP until you get enough air for the $10.
  • $20: At the left side of the map, above a quarterpipe. Build up some speed before getting it.
  • $20: At the top of the slope on the right side of the map. A simple ollie will do.