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This zone is probably the second easiest, because all you really have to do is find good old Rodney Mullen and do his Pro Challenge, which is not difficult at all (he teaches you about the new Nail the Trick mode) after that you can either go out and do what the mascot wants and then you get into the main street, or you can just stay in the park and do challenges.

Rodney Mullen's Pro Challenge[edit]

Rodney teaches you how to do tricks with the new Nail the Trick mode. To engage Nail the Trick mode for this challenge you simply skate up a ramp with the nail symbol on it. You can also engage the mode at any time by pushing down on both thumbsticks whenever you are airborne (L button + R button or L3 button + R3 button).

When activated by a ramp, Nail the Trick cancels if you don't get the right run-up to land in the designated area, don't complete the trick before you land, or don't end up with both feet on the deck and the deck right side up (causing you to bail). When manually activated it only cancels if you bail.

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