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Top Rider
Box artwork for Top Rider.
Developer(s)Human Entertainment
Release date(s)
TwitchTop Rider Channel

Top Rider (トップライダー?) was a racing game developed by Human Entertainment for the Famicom, and published in Japan by Varie near the end of 1988. As a package, Top-Rider was sold with the yellow and blue inflatable bike, white handlebars, and the Top-Rider racing game, plus some pegs.

Top Racer is a motorcycle racing game from a behind-the-bike perspective. In both these respects, it's a very similar game to Sega's Hang-On series of motorcycle racers. The player can choose from two modes: Grand Prix, in which the player partakes in several consecutive races and Touring, in which the player can choose one of four courses for a single race.

The game is notable for its unusual peripheral: An inflatable motorcycle with a special handlebar controller built-in. The player can sit on the peripheral once fully inflated and use the handlebars to control the on-screen bike. Having been made for children, the inflatable Top-Rider motorbike is delicate.

Normally, the actual game works only with the special controller (normal controllers can only be used to select menu items), but there is a way to disable it. At the title screen, press A button, B button, Right dpad, Down dpad, Left dpad, Up dpad, Right dpad, B button, A button on Controller 2. The game will start immediately, and the bike can now be played with a normal controller.

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