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Torus Games

Torus Games Pty. Ltd. is a video games developer founded in 1994 and is growing to be one of Australia's largest developers. The company has released over 60 titles with most being on handheld game consoles. Torus Games is currently located in Bayswater, Melbourne.

Their latest release is Monster Jam: Urban Assault for Wii, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, and PSP.

Torus Games began developing their first game in 1994, a Game Boy and Game Gear game based on the film Stargate, published by Acclaim Entertainment.

Torus is a licensed developer for Nintendo's Wii console, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360, PC, Nokia N-Gage, Leapfrog Enterprises Leapster, and Game Boy Advance.

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