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Battle Arena Toshinden
Year introduced1995

Battle Arena Toshinden, known as Toh Shin Den (闘神伝?) in Japan, is a 3D weapons-based fighting game series created by Tamsoft with the first installment, Battle Arena Toshinden released in 1995 for the PlayStation. The franchise has gone dormant since its reboot on the Wii, but the games were once considered cutting edge technology as the first game is the first ever weapons-based fighting game, coming out over a year before Soul Edge was released. Sony even called game the "Saturn killer" at E3 1995, despite the fact that a port for the Saturn was in production at the time. Battle Arena Toshinden was praised by critics for its impressive graphic and unique cast but was often criticized for its slower and often unresponsive gameplay, declining in popularity when Namco released games such as Tekken and Soul Edge.

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