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The kindgom of Aramon specialises in strong units with physical attacks. The use of magic within Aramon is rare, but they instead rely on powerful melee units and defences.


Elsin is the main monarch of Aramon. He has three magical attacks; a lightning bolt, a medium range meteor, and an earthern wave that inflicts significant damage on a large area.

Basic units[edit]

The basic units are constructed from the barracks, or are otherwise easily available.


A passive flying scout.


Armored melee attacker.


Lightly armored, but equipeed with a bow.


Fast and strong melee unit


Artillery unit. Can take out enemy defences by being just outside their firing range.

Mage builder[edit]

Constructs most buildings available to Aramon.


A light transport vessel built by Elsin.

Advanced units[edit]

The advanced units are built from the Keep, or otherwise require a Mage Builder to be constructed first. These units are more powerful than basic units, but are more expensive.


Strong melee unit.

Mage Archer[edit]

Equipped with a magical bow. Has the ability to fire tracking shots or paralyzing shots.


Heavily armored mounted unit.


Strong melee units that provide armor bonuses to nearby units.


Direct-fire artillery unit. It's cannon shell will quickly hit any approaching units.


Stealth unit, but can be detected if moved too close to the enemy. Inflicts extra damage against organic targets.

Rolling Tower[edit]

Slow-moving siege unit. While it doens't outrange enemy defences, it takes a lot of damage before it collapses.

War Galley[edit]

Allows transporting units across water. Built from a mage builder.


Allows production of special units. Can also cast earthquake, call a hail shower, or turn a unit to stone.

Any units near an Acolyte will quickly regenerate.

Special units[edit]

These units are either summoned by the Acolyte, or require special circumstances.


An infantry unit that can throw explosive, incendiary, or stun grenades.

Gold Dragon[edit]

A flying dragon. It's powerful flame breath can quickly destroy individual units. If damaged, it can be flown near an acolyte to quickly heal the dragon.

Flying Builder[edit]

A flying mage builder.

Avatar of Anu[edit]

Appears randomly if an Acolyte is present, but can be summoned by Elsin. It takes one hour to summon this unit and the summoning cannot be assisted by other units.

This unit is extremely powerful, and is known to level an entire base.



Blocks access.


Blocks access, but can be opened to allow your units to pass.


Generates mana.

Divine Lodestone[edit]

Generates mana at twice the rate.

Watch Tower[edit]

A light defense tower that shoots arrows at nearby targets.


A heavy defense tower that fires its cannon at ground targets. However, it has a minimum firing range leaving it vulnerable to melee units. Requires Mage builder.


Long-range artillery. Requires Mage Builder.


Creates basic units.


Created advanced units.