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Chapter 1 - All Hell Broken Loose[edit]

Aramon Mission
  • Go north and find the town of Abiad.
  • Get Emen to the well on the East side of town.
  • Protect Emen at all costs.

Emen the messenger needs to arrive in Abiad - as described in the introduction, he wrote a letter concerning the holocaust of Abiad.

This mission is completed by beelining Emen to the well. Select him and order him to move to the town. After you do so, view the city on the main screen, and order him to move to what appears to be a damaged well (a small circle east of the broken watch tower and between two ruined buildings.

Chaper 2 - Victims, Not Victors[edit]

Aramon Mission
  • Find and enter the garrison to the North.
  • Keep Emen safe.

To win this mission, select Emen, and order him to move to the square fortress to the north east. No additional activity is required.

Once he is near the garrison, the watch towers will activate and hit any nearby roaming zombies.

Emen survived the battle in Abiad, but the city is under siege.

Chapter 3 - Order Overturned[edit]

Aramon Mission
  • Exit the garrison with Joreth and his entourage.
  • Head north and find the small sand spit with an archer tower.
  • After seeing Joreth, the ships will approach the shore.
  • Load Joreth and his band onto the transport ship.
  • Sail to the Northeast.

After receiving news from Emen, the captain of the garrison determined that King Loche .

To win this mission, select Joreth and have him sprint to tower to the north. Once he arrives, select the transport ship, and order it to load Joreth, then move it to the north east. As with the previous two missions, there is no need to spend time killing other enemies.

Chapter 4 - The Wedge[edit]

Zhon Mission
  • To the west is a Verunan port.
  • Destroy the ship, town and soldiers.

Unlike the previous missions, you can't avoid combat. However, your forces are still powerful enough to destroy the enemy.

To the immediate west of your base, there are two watch towers. Take these out first, followed by the ship in the south east. After securing your local area, complete the mission by destroying all remaining units, placing focus on the crossbowmen and ships (as those units are capable of firing back).

While the objective states you need to destroy the town, this isn't necessary; you only need to kill enemy units.

Chapter 5 - Black Peace[edit]

Taros Mission
  • Summon a Dark Mason and use it to conjure a Lodestone on the Sacred Site.
  • Use the Cabal to amass a small attack force.
  • Destroy all resistance in the nearby town.
  • Feel free to wreak havoc on townspeople and crops.

This is your first mission where you need to make buildings and units.


  • Gargoyle: A small scout unit.
  • Zombie: A light melee unit.
  • Executioner: A heavy melee unit.
  • Black Knight: A mounted archer.
  • Dark Mason: Your builder unit.


  • Cabal: A production center for light units
  • Caged demon: A light defense turret
  • Lodestone: Increases mana production.

You first should create a Dark Mason, followed by five dark knights. Move your initial group near the river, and once your knights are ready, send the initial combat and the group of five units across the river.

Build your second cabal. Build more batches of units; a set of 10 executioners and five knights should do, and send them into the city in waves, each covering a patrol path.

While you do need to build your forces, don't take too long; there is a Mage builder that will deploy towers to defend the small village.