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Name Description
Mackenzie The lead character of the game. As a young girl, she runs a detective agency.
Penelope One of the girls that lives in the condominiums in town and friend of Mackenzie. Her parents are very rich, and thus she enjoys a lavish lifestyle. However, she is rather air-headed, and has been known to disappear for a time, or even not talk to anyone (including herself, except for pantomime) for a whole week. She is the one who will give Mackenzie all her cases during the game and is one of the main focuses of the first three episodes.
Chloe Another girl in town, and while friend of Mackenzie, tends to be her rival in trying to solve cases. Chloe generally takes actions before figuring out their consequences.
Cromwell Butler for Mackenzie and also a genius inventor. Cromwell is a 300+ year old zombie.
Funghi A living mushroom that is kept as a pet by Mackenzie and travels with her as she moves about town.