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Name Description
Mackenzie The main character of this game. Recently accepted into The Great Detective's Society but she does not like her title, Touch Detective.
Funghi Mackenzie's faithful pet mushroom and companion. He also comes in handy when secret documents need to be destroyed. Always follows Mackenzie around town.
Cromwell Mackenzie's butler, and a genius inventor. After Mackenzie was accepted into The Great Detective's Society, he decides to train her manners, although some of it annoys her.
Penelope One of Mackenzie's best friends. She enjoys having a lavish lifestyle since she comes from a rich family. She is rather an air-head. Most of Mackenzie's cases come from her since she always seems to be in trouble.
Chloe Mackenzie's rival. Calls herself 'Chloe the Super Sleuth'. She's always trying to beat Mackenzie when it comes to solving the case. She always appears out of nowhere around Mackenzie's office when a client asks Mackenzie for help solving a case. A recurring joke that whenever she has a great idea, Mackenzie will always leave and she will confront her into giving her ideas as they are friends.
Inspector Daria A red-headed inspector who has no patience for Mackenzie. She tries to solve cases before Mack can when The Cornstalker is involved. She is the self-proclaimed rival of The Cornstalker. She often throws out her back while making her extravagant entrance poses. She gets motion sickness when traveling.
The Cornstalker A professional thief and master of disguise. Always trying to steal the rarest and most valuable items in the world. Always calls Mackenzie "Touch Detective", though no one knows how he knows about it.
Ace and Friday A mysterious young man with a grudge against the rail conductor, and his rodent associate "Friday the Freeloader."
Mayor Tom The mildly corrupt mayor is even more of a turkey than the ugliest politicians. Always panics or faints if anything happens to his items.
Eric A petty, smooth talking salesman who cheats on his clients to make a profit for himself.
Harrison A tough, hairy archaeologist who seeks to find rare artifacts, fossils and relics and make a name for himself.
Colleen The mysterious young curator who runs the haunted mansion although it actually holds a dark secret of her and the mansion itself.
Silver A living puppet that sleeps for many years. He could sing beautifully until a freak accident makes him lose his voice.
Connor A young man who has recently moved to the town and opened an antique shop. He often gives Mackenzie information on antiques, and sometimes gives her useful items. His shop seems to be closed quite often. Mackenzie thinks he is rather cute, perhaps having a mild crush on him. In the ending of the game Connor turns into the Cornstalker.