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Penelope comes to Mackenzie's office because her colored noodles have been stolen, leaving her with only white noodles. Mackenzie starts the investigation only to find out that no one in town has any colored noodles anymore. Mackenzie enters the Noodle Festival and wins first place in the dance competition (by luck, guided by a mysterious stranger). She later finds out that a page was torn out from Mayor Tom's "Top Secret Picture Book". She manages to find the missing page with Yvonne and tells Mayor Tom about it. Whenever he confronts Yvonne though, he forgets about it and just compliments her on her noodle making. Mackenzie finds a heart-shaped fossil that was dropped by the Mayor and after further investigation, she finds out that someone is trying to destroy the town to retrieve a hidden treasure. Mackenzie suspects Mayor Tom due to his weird behavior. She is correct, and Mayor Tom reveals himself as The Cornstalker in disguise. Thanks to Mackenzie's cunning plan and the help of the Heart Tree, she foils The Cornstalker's plans but he still manages to escape.