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Mackenzie is rewarded with a train ticket by Mayor Tom (although he doesn't think she deserves it). While Mackenzie, Cromwell, Penelope and Chloe are having a great time, a robbery occurs in another cabin. It turns out that one of Eric's suitcases, which contains the relic of the Seabottom Dwellers, is stolen by the Cornstalker. Coincidentally, Inspector Daria is there to investigate, but she isn't any help due to her recurring motion sickness. After investigating the passengers and luggage, Mackenzie discovers that the old lady is actually the Cornstalker, but he again manages to escape. What is more surprising is that Eric is the true culprit. He planned to frame the Cornstalker by making him steal an empty suitcase while the real suitcase is with him all along. The Cornstalker isn't fooled by his plan and steals the real one. Mackenzie gives chase and manages to recover the relic while The Cornstalker escapes again.