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Harrison has recently discovered an amber gem and a human fossil in the pyramid. Mackenzie, Penelope and Chloe are on a field trip to the museum (which turns out to be a museum about Mayor Tom only) when suddenly someone vandalizes his statue. Mackenzie decides to investigate, using this chance as a report, and accidentally becomes Harrison's assistant. With the help of Penelope and Chloe, they manage to move the human fossil into Mayor Tom's museum only to be given the shocking news that the human fossil is actually the Fossil Hunter who is supposed to be cursed. The next day, Mackenzie receives a warning letter from the Cornstalker announcing that he plans to steal the amber from the museum. Harrison is about to hold a press conference (although no one came to listen) when Inspector Daria arrives. With the help of the security guard and her new partner, Chloe, she decides to guard the museum. She makes everyone leave the museum to prevent the Cornstalker from entering under a disguise. Thanks to a trick, Mackenzie manages to enter the museum only to witness the shocking appearance of an alien hitting a hole in the Mayor's portrait. After that commotion, Harrison enters to ask her where the artifact is. She lies to him and manages to replace the real amber with a fake one. Suddenly, another Harrison comes into the room exposing the first one as the Cornstalker, who quickly steals the fake amber before Harrison gives chase. Mackenzie puts the real amber back into the Fossil Hunter's eye socket bringing him back to life. He explains everything, revealing the alien to be one of the Seabottom Dwellers.