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Chloe and Penelope burst into Mackenzie's office to inform Mackenzie that Chloe has found a raffle voucher for which the grand prize is some Mongolian beef. At the same time Penelope wants to visit the Ancient Artifact exhibition that shows the Seabottom Dwellers' artifacts. The three of them decide to search for more tickets in order to join the contest. During that time, Mackenzie finally receives her ID card from The Great Detective's Society, although she hates her title name. After collecting all five raffles, Mackenzie was also given a VIP pass to visit inside the exhibition and invites Cromwell to come along with them. During their time in the department store, Chloe wins the fourth place prize (which is only a backscratcher), while the artifact is stolen by the Cornstalker. Mackenzie and her friends manage to track him down inside a pink elephant structure. He tries to escape, but as he connects the artifacts together, a spaceship appears, taking the elephant room along with everyone inside. Mackenzie then wakes up to find herself alone as the rest of the gang (even the Cornstalker) have been captured. Mackenzie soon discovers that the Seabottom Dwellers are actually the servants of aliens from outer space planning to vaporize all of the cows on Planet Earth. After Mackenzie frees everyone and retrieves the stolen artifact, she plants Cromwell's time bomb and they escape inside the modified elephant structure and foil the aliens' plans. In the end, they reach home only to be welcomed by Men in Black.