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Mackenzie wakes up to find her room's door locked. Cromwell greets her from a triangular doll. He reports that Mackenzie is now a charter member of the Great Detective Society. He also clarifies the objective of Detective Course Z: exiting the room.

Fixing the atomizer[edit]

There is a red filled container next to the doll on the dresser. Tap on it to gain the atomizer. Examine the atomizer. If you tap on the end of the tube hanging off of the atomizer it becomes apparent that it is incomplete. The bottom right dresser drawer contains a Dropper. Tap the drawer to add it to your inventory. Examine the dropper and tap on the red bulb on the end of it. This will cause it to drop off. Now instead of having a dropper you have a rubber bulb. Examine the atomizer. Select the rubber bulb then tap the end of the atomizer's tube that was missing something. The items combine and the atomizer will now work.

Funghi's help[edit]

Simply tapping on Funghi won't wake him up. However now Mackenzie has a working atomizer. Select the atomizer and tap on Funghi. The spray will wake him up. Tap the blanket on Mackenzie's bed. A small green orb will be revealed. Tap on it to gain a pea. Select the pea and tap on Funghi to feed him. This will cause Funghi to blow fire at the door burning it down. Mackenzie will leave the room and finally be able to speak with Cromwell in person. Cromwell explains that someone is interested in publishing the Touch List that was compiled during Touch Detective. Before this can happen all 50 item entrys will need to be revised.

The hallway Mackenzie ends up in will let you check on your information lists and unlocked bonuses along the way. Tap on the painting than hangs on the upper left wall to start chapter 1.