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Box artwork for Touchdown Fever II.
Touchdown Fever II
Preceded byTouchdown Fever
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Arcade icon.png Arcade
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Touch Down Fever II (タッチダウンフィーバー II?) is a 1988 Football arcade game developed and published by SNK. It isn't so much a sequel to the original Touchdown Fever game as it is an upgrade. Nearly everything that applies to the original game applies to the version as well. However, in addition to a few bug fixes, this version of the game introduces a much needed aspect: play selection. Between each down, a play selection screen appears which allows players to select from among 3 kicks, 9 passes, and 6 running plays. This gives the player much more control over their team's behavior, although in return, the computer does less to help you out if you don't follow the plan according to your own selection. This version was never converted for play to any system, although a limited level of play selection is present in the NES conversion of the original game.

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