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Tournament Arkanoid
Box artwork for Tournament Arkanoid.
Developer(s)Taito Corporation
Release date(s)
Preceded byArkanoid
Followed byArkanoid: Revenge of Doh
TwitchTournament Arkanoid Channel
Tournament Arkanoid marquee

Tournament Arkanoid is a sequel to the original Arkanoid, developed by Taito and published by Romstar in the United States in 1987. Thanks to the success of Arkanoid, many arcade owners were keen to have another version of the game that would continue to attract players and their quarters.

Tournament Arkanoid is more of an upgrade than an actual sequel. The game play is 100% identical to the original (see Arkanoid's Getting Started page for more information.) The only thing different is that all 32 stages have completely different arrangements of blocks. Some are much more challenging, requiring the player to direct the ball through a single hole in a wall of gold bricks. Many players consider this version less fun to play because of the extreme difficulty of some of the stages.

Oddly enough, the game does not appear to have been distributed anywhere else in the world but the U.S. Tournament Arkanoid was also never ported to any home system.

Stages arrangements[edit]