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Box artwork for Tower of Doom.
Tower of Doom
Developer(s)Daniel Bass, John Tomlinson
Publisher(s)INTV Corp.
Year released1987
Preceded byAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons Cartridge: Treasure of Tarmin
ModesSingle player
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For the hack and slash game, see Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom.

Tower of Doom is an action-adventure developed by INTV Corp. for the Intellivision and released in 1987.

It is the last title in a trilogy of action-adventure games for the Intellivision, begun with AD&D Cartridge: Cloudy Mountain and AD&D Cartridge: Treasure of Tarmin. Even if Tower of Doom is outside the Dungeons & Dragons licence, it has more D&D elements than its two predecessors. An unreleased prototype of a port for the Atari 2600 exists.

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