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The following chart lists all the characters available in the game (using the same order as the in-game menu), as well as their initial statistics and the equipment with which they begin.

Character Starting/Max HP (in Shields) Strength Stamina Diplomacy Starting Equipment Notes
Novice 3 12 12 12 Axe (Magenta), Spear (Magenta), Flask (Magenta), Bottle (Brown), Food x 2, Small Gem (Lavender), Key (Brown) Starts with best Axe and Spear, two Flasks of Superpower, a Bottle of Haste
Warrior 2.25 13 9 12 Small Sword (Gray), Dart (Magenta), Food x 2, Flask (Magenta) x 2 Starts with worst Small Sword, two Flasks of Superpower
Archer 3.25 10 13 8 Bow (Magenta) x 4, Dagger (Magenta), Food Starts with best Bow and Dagger
Knight 4 11 11 11 Spear (Magenta) x 3, Food, Bottle (Magenta), Flask (Gray) Starts with best Spear, Flask of Healing
Trader 2 13 6 18 Bracelet (Magenta), Coins (Green), Gem Necklace (Lavender), Candlestick (Pink), Small Gem (Brown), Ring (Cyan), Boot Starts with cursed Ring
Barbarian 2.25 12 9 10 Hammer (Orange, 4 shots) Item colors are normally scrambled; starts with weak Hammer
Waif 1.5 6 6 6 Boot (Magenta) Item colors are normally scrambled
Friar 3.75 10 10 10 Mace (Brown), Rosary Necklace (Gray), Food x 6 Starts with average Mace, Rosary of Potion Mastery
Warlord 5.5 9 9 9 Sword (Green), Axe (Green), Spear (Green), Hammer (Green), Food, Large Gem (Green) Starts with second-best Small Sword, Axe, Spear, Hammer
Warlock 4.5 9 9 9 Dagger (Green), Wand (Magenta), Wand (Green), Wand (Lavender), Bottle (Brown), Bottle (Lavender) x 2 Immune to Wand backlash; starts with top three Wands, Bottles of Sight (x2), Haste