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Starting the game[edit]

Control disc: cycle through gameplay options
Action keys: choose selected option

Note that due to a flaw in the controller-reading routine in the main menu, pressing Up on the control disc can occasionally choose the current option instead of cycling to the next one. Pressing Down instead avoids this annoying glitch.


Control disc: move through maze
Top action keys: fire projectile weapon; use item in hand
Bottom-left action key: enter pack mode
Bottom-right action key: enter pack mode

Pack mode[edit]

Control disc: move cursor
Top action keys: use selected item; open doors; descend stairs; activate and toggle status display; exit pack mode (by selecting spot #2 in inventory)
Bottom-left action key: drop item on ground (note: doesn't work in some spots in the maze)
Bottom-right action key: select weapon; exit pack mode (by selecting blank spot in inventory)

Battle mode[edit]

Control disc:

  • Left/Down: move away from enemy
  • Right/Up: move toward enemy
  • all directions: move cursor when selecting items in pack

Top action keys: swing weapon; use item in pack
Bottom-left action key: open pack to bribe monster with item
Bottom-right action key: open pack to select weapon

The Intellivision keypad is unused in Tower of Doom, with one exception: press 1 and 9 together to pause the game.