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Getting Started[edit]

In Tower of Doom you're an adventurer who has entered the eponymous Tower in search of treasure, magical artifacts, and glory. You play as one of 10 characters, each of whom has different strengths, weaknesses, and starting equipment, ranging from the powerful Warlord to the pitiful Waif.

The game offers 14 Adventures from which to choose. These range from short treks that are the same every time, to extremely long quests of over 30 randomly-generated levels.

In most Adventures the only real goal is to get out of the Tower alive, ideally with as much treasure as possible. However, several scenarios have alternate goals that are either optional (The Fortress) or semi-mandatory (Wizard Hunt, Grail Quest) to complete the game.

Tower of Doom is a roguelike, with all of the frustrations and pleasures offered by that genre. It has no save function, so all games must be completed in one sitting, and longer quests can take 2-3 hours to complete. Very little has been written about the game's inner workings and optimal strategies, which this guide seeks to remedy.

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