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There are 12 achievements in Track & Field worth a total of 200 Gamerscore points.

Picture Name DescriptionGamerscore icon.
Good Form Good Form Complete a legal jump in the Long Jump event with an elevation of exactly 45 degrees. 10 Gamerscore points
Consistent Throwing Consistent Throwing Complete three consecutive throws over 65 meters in the Javelin Throw event. 10 Gamerscore points
Super Sprinter Super Sprinter Complete the 100 Meter Dash in less than 10 seconds. 10 Gamerscore points
Fast Track Fast Track Beat your opponent by more than a second in the 110 Meter Hurdles event. 15 Gamerscore points
Legendary Leaper Legendary Leaper Jump longer than 9 meters in the Long Jump event. 15 Gamerscore points
Big Thrower Big Thrower Throw the javelin further than 80 meters. 15 Gamerscore points
Speedy Jumper Speedy Jumper Complete the 110 Meter Hurdles event in less than 12 seconds. 15 Gamerscore points
Bird Catcher Bird Catcher Spear a bird! 15 Gamerscore points
1st Place 1st Place Complete the first 6 events and be in 1st place. 20 Gamerscore points
Hercules Hercules Hurl the hammer further than 90.00 meters. 20 Gamerscore points
Human Spring Human Spring Clear a 2.38 meter jump in the High Jump event. 25 Gamerscore points
Perfection Perfection Qualify on every individual attempt in the first 6 events. 30 Gamerscore points