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Most of the home conversions of Track & Field were done by Atari or Atarisoft. In order to replicate the control scheme of the arcade, Atari offered a special controller for use with Track & Field. It could be attached to the Atari 2600, Atari 800, and Commodore 64, as well as the Apple II with a special converter.

The six events were spread out across two volumes for the MSX, with two additional events thrown in, the 400 meter dash and the 1500 meter dash. Only the first four events were contained in the Famicom version of Hyper Olympic. High Jump was included in the Famicom version of Hyper Sports. The control scheme for the Famicom was a little odd. Only the A button was used for running, and jump/throw was any direction on the directional pad. Like Atari, Konami also provided a special controller just for Hyper Olympic, called the Hyper Shot.

Box artwork[edit]

Track & Field has been released on many different systems, and has accumulated a wide range of box artwork, some of which is displayed below.