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  • Left dpad/Right dpad: Press left or right on the direction pad to alter the horizontal angle of your shot.
  • Up dpad/Down dpad: Press up or down on the direction pad to alter the vertical angle of your shot.
  • A button: Tap the A button to build up your power meter before taking a shot.
  • B button: Press the B button to release an arrow and fire at the target.


Track & Field II Archery.png

You are given three shots against four targets placed at increasing distances. You begin with 30 meters, and extend to 50, 70, and 90 meters. Your goal is to strike the target as close to the bulls-eye as possible, in order to accumulate enough points to meet or surpass the qualifying score.

Before each shot is taken, you are given the opportunity to fine tune your aim. You should alter your aim in order to compensate for any cross-wind that happens to be blowing. You must also tilt your aim higher if you are attempting to strike a target that is farther away.

Once you have selected your aim, start tapping A button as quickly as possible to pull back the arrow as far as possible and build tension in the bow. When you reach the desired level of power, press B button to fire the arrow. You will receive points based on how close you were to the bulls-eye; the white ring is worth 1 point, the black ring is worth 4, blue is worth 6, red is worth 8, and the bulls-eye is worth 10.


  • Closer targets do not necessarily require you to fire an arrow at full power, but farther targets do.
  • The farther away your target is, the more you must compensate for distance and wind. Every time the target moves, adjust your aim accordingly. Small adjustments should get more extreme as the target is placed farther away.