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  • Left dpad/Right dpad: Press left or right on the direction pad to steer your canoe counter clockwise or clockwise respectively.
  • A button: Tap the A button to paddle your canoe forward.
  • B button: Tap the B button to paddle your canoe backward.


Track & Field II Canoeing.png

You must successfully steer your canoe through sixteen gates in as little time as possible. As you paddle, a current flows from the bottom of the screen to the top, making it easier to paddle with the current than against it.

While many gates are intended to be paddled through forward, some gates have special restrictions, either requiring you to paddle through the gate in reverse, or to paddle through the gate against the current. You must look at the symbol on the right side to determine what the requirement is.

If you incorrectly enter a gate from the wrong side, or in the wrong direction, you accrue a 30 point penalty which is deducted from your final score. Your final score is determined by the number of gates you successfully steer through combined with your score for time. The quicker you finish, the more points you are awarded. In order to succeed at this event, you must achieve or beat the qualifying score.

Gate Instruction
[   ] Paddle upward through this gate facing downstream
[ R ] Paddle backward through this gate facing upstream.
[ / ] Paddle downward through this gate against the current.


  • This course never changes. The layout and instructions for each gate will be the same every time you play. Practice this event several times before going into competition, and you will be well prepared to beat the qualifying score.
    • Be especially aware of the fact that gate 3 is downstream from gate 4, so you must pass gate 4, paddle through gate 3, and then turn around to paddle back upstream and then steer through gate 4.
  • Don't spend anymore time paddling upstream then you need to. Likewise, don't paddle downstream very quickly when you are required to turn around. You can actually use the gates to control the canoe's motion, especially when oriented horizontally.