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  • A button: Press the A button to leap off the starting block when the starting gun is fired. Then tap A as rapidly as possible to maintain a high power level for your swim stroke, which increases your speed.
    • A button+Down dpad: When you leap off the starting block, hold down on the direction pad to indicate that you wish to perform the Butterfly stroke instead of the Crawl stroke.
  • B button: Press the B button to allow your swimmer to rise to the surface of the water after diving. While swimming on the surface, press the B button to breath and maintain your level of oxygen.


Track & Field II Freestyle Swimming.png

In the beginning, both swimmers start atop their starting blocks. You will hear "On your mark." and "Get set." before the starting gun is fired. If you press A button before the gun is fired, you will receive one foul. If you receive four fouls, you are immediately disqualified.

Once the starting gun is fired, press A button to initiate your dive into the water. If you press A alone, you will perform the Crawl stroke when you reach the surface. If you hold down on the direction pad when you dive in, you will perform the Butterfly stroke instead.

After you dive in, you will swim underwater for a period of time. Swimming underwater is faster than swimming on the surface. However, you must rise to the surface by pressing B button before your oxygen is depleted or you will be forced to stop while you recover, costing you precious seconds. Once you are on the surface, you must tap A button to maintain a high level of stroke power, while pressing B button between strokes to maintain your oxygen level.

When you are near the opposite wall of the pool, you will automatically initiate a dive to kick off the wall and return in the opposite direction. You will swim underwater briefly before returning to the surface and continuing the process until you reach the side of the pool that you started from.

In order to succeed at this event, you must beat your opponent to the end of the race, and you must do so in under the qualifying time limit. If your opponent beats you to the end of the race, or you do not complete it within the qualifying amount of time, you lose this event.


  • The Butterfly stroke allows your swimmer to swim much faster than the Crawl stroke, but it consumes more oxygen, and therefore requires more maintenance of breathing.
  • The higher your oxygen level, the more efficiently your athlete will swim. Lower oxygen levels cause the swimmer to slow down, regardless of how high your power meter is. Keep your oxygen level as high as possible throughout the race.