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  • Neutral dpad: Roll your thumb around the direction pad in a counter clockwise direction to build the rotational velocity of your athlete.
  • A button: Press and hold the A button when your athlete begins to flash to start throwing the hammer. The throwing angle increases as you hold down A. Release A to throw the hammer at the desired angle.


Track & Field II Hammer Throw.png

You are given three attempts to throw the hammer the farthest distance possible. In order to succeed, you must throw the hammer beyond the qualifying distance in at least one of your attempts.

When you begin, rotate the direction pad in a counter clockwise direction to start spinning the athlete. He will build more and more momentum the faster you rotate the controls. After you spin a few times, your athlete will begin to flash. If you do not release the hammer after rotating too many times, your attempt will be disqualified.

Once the athlete begins to flash, press and hold A button to initiate your throw. The angle that you throw the hammer will start to increase. When you release the A button, the hammer will be thrown at the resulting angle. The distance the hammer travels is a function of the angle it was thrown combined with the amount of velocity you achieve.


  • The optimal angle at which to release the hammer is between 40 and 50 degrees. Watch the rate at which the angle increases, and release A button before it grows too high.
  • Remember to continue rotating the direction pad when the angle calculation starts in order to maintain your power level before you release the hammer.