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  • A button: Before the dive is performed, press the A button to cycle through the list of available dive start positions.
  • B button: Press the B button to initiate your dive. The combine B with a direction to perform various rotations through the air as you fall to the water.
    • B button+Left dpad: Press B and left to perform a tuck.
    • B button+Right dpad: Press B and right to perform a jackknife.
    • B button: Press B alone to perform a swan dive.


Track & Field II High Dive.png

While standing on top of the diving board, press A button to cycle through the available starting posture options. You can choose between Forward, Back, Reverse, Twist, and Hand Stand. These options determine your direction and orientation at the start of your dive. Once you use one of these postures for one dive, they are no longer available for subsequent dives.

When you are ready, press B button to initiate your dive. While you are falling through the air, press B button in combination with directions on the direction pad to perform various moves through the air. By moving in and out of tucks, you will perform mid-air rotations, increasing the difficulty of your jump, which results in a higher score.

When you are about to hit the water, it is important to straighten out as much as possible. More points are awarded when you produce as little splash as possible upon entering. You are given four tries to get the highest awarded score possible. At least one of those attempts must meet or exceed the qualifying score to succeed at this event.


  • You should attempt to perform at least three or four tumbles through the air by combining different movements as you fall. The more moves you achieve, the higher your score will be.
  • In order to reduce the amount of splash you cause when you enter the water, you should try to be as close to perpendicular to the surface as possible. Additionally, you will score more points for entering head first than you do feet first.