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  • A button: Tap the A button as rapidly as possible to build up your speed before reaching the jump line.
  • B button: Press the B button to initiate your jump. As you hold B down, the angle at which you jump will increase. Let go when you reach the desired angled. You must do this three times consecutively.


Track & Field II Triple Jump.png

You are given three attempts to reach the qualifying distance. At the start of each attempt, you must tap A button as rapidly as you can to build up sufficient speed before you must perform the first jump.

When you see the jump line, prepare to start your first jump. If your feet pass the jump line before you leap into the air, you receive a foul, and that attempt is ended. When you begin to jump, press and hold B button to increase the angle at which you jump. After you release B button your athlete will jump at the resulting angle before landing on the ground.

Once your athlete returns to the ground, you must press and hold B button again for the second jump. If you fail to press the button quickly enough upon landing, you will receive a foul. Repeat the process a third time to perform the final jump. Your distance is recorded before the attempt concludes.


  • Naturally, the faster you run, the further you will travel with each leap. Maxing out the power meter can be difficult to do, and you must pay attention to the ground so that you have enough time to switch over to the jump button before you foul.
  • Ideally, you should try to perform jumps that are between the angles of 30 and 40 degrees. These angles will give your aathlete just enough height to allow their momentum to carry them the father distance possible.