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The newest recruit, Starscream, is sent by Megatron to activate a long dormant Energon Bridge to create more Dark Energon.

The available characters are:

  • Starscream, with a Null Ray and Scatter Blaster, with Shockwave and Hover.
  • Skywarp, with a scatter blaster, and Whirlwind and cloaking abilities.
  • Thundercracker, with a Neutron Assault Rifle and Energon Repair Ray, and Spawn Sentry and Dash abilities.

Find the hidden underground entrance[edit]

After the introduction cutscene where Megatron orders Starscream to reactivate the energron bridge. The trip to the first entrance is uneventful, with the first enemy (a security probe) appearing once you land. A few other probes appear in the route.

Your team should spot an enemy detection barrier. you can disable it by shooting its power source, located straight behind the barrier, or run through if you prefer fighting enemies instead. The second barrier requires taking a right-hand branch, and shooting the core from the alternate room entrance.

Past the room, Zeta Prime will make an announcement concerning the Decepticons. There are four Autobots at ground level watching the announcement, who will attack soon after the speech or if engaged. When all autobots are destroyed, you can enter the door at the top of the room to reach the power source of the barrier, and continue to the next room.

Your companions announce that the canyon should be behind the next door, but you will have to fight some autobots first. A few attack from ahead across the gap, while two try sniping from behind the grill to the left. A large group will defend the connecting corridor that leads to the door, some of which will cluster behind the second pillar near an explosive barrel. The corridor ends at a door.

Opening this door reveals a new enemy, a shielded autobot. Destroy the two, and jump down the shaft at the back-right corner to reach an energon cave. Fly through the cave, and the end will have two autobots defending the landing platform. The entrance is just past the canyon ahead.

Destroy the Shield Generator[edit]

An autobot warship appears and blocks the entrance with a shield generator. It will start by firing guided mortars, while other autobot escorts will attack. Three mortar launchers are in the middle, two in the front, and two in the back. When all mortars are destroyed, aerial bots will attack from behind across three waves before the ship opens its doors.

When entering the ship, you can choose the side entrance to make the escape easier (as well as to avoid being flanked), or the back entrance if you perfer attacking from a more maneuverable position. When you reach the middle of the lower deck, the autobots will attempt to trap you inside. Continue to the front of the ship and plant an explosive on the power core.

When the power core destroyed, fly to the upper deck. Although it is still sealed, the ship will break apart and allow you to fly through the hole. You can then proceed to the entrance.

Continue your search for the underground[edit]

When you enter, a short cutscene will show a cloaker autobot running away. Follow him down the shaft and into the arena room. Multiple cloakers will attack, but they can be spotted by a few telltale signs - the most important is a glow just before they attack. There is also some visible distortion on the autobot while it is cloaking. When all the cloakers are defeated, restore power to the room and proceed

Deactivate the Forcefield[edit]

There is another forcefield protecting the entrance, and there are two switches to activate. In the main chamber is a large number of flying autobots, and the switches also have snipers guarding them.

There are two routes to the switches - you may fly directly towards them, or instead had down the side corridors. The direct route is faster but is more exposed to enemies attacking from both sides, while the side allow you to flank while the AI teammates distract the autobots. Interact with the two marked control panels to expose the shield batteries, then destroy them. When the door is exposed, shoot it to destroy the armor plating.

Re-route Power to the Energon Bridge[edit]

Past the doorway are decommissioned service tunnels, now containing a jelly-fish like creatures. They are easily destroyed with the jet's weapons, well before they get too close. The tunnel continues for a short while, opening up to the Energon Bridge Terminal.

There is a security drone, likely approaching from the right, as well as various turrets covering the entrance to the terminals on the side. When you enter the terminal, there is a floor below, and the last bit of resistance are cloakers that are near the switch.

Activate the switch, and enemy autobots will ambush you. About two will cover each exit, one close to the doorway and the other on the stairs. Additional autobots will be on the second floor, from where you entered the builidng. Enter the second floor, and activate the switch to disable the barrier blocking the tunnel.

The tunnel will lead to a combat section once you reach a platform after a few turns. This section has snipers on the upper left and right sections, with two autobots on the ground that use defensive shields. The initial platform is not a good vantage point because of obstructions, requiring you to advance and use the upper walkways. There are a few flyers that attack when you enter this section of the tunnel, but are easily handled. Continue to the end to reach the door.

The final combat section starts when you open the door, with one autobot facing away from you. As soon as combat starts, there will be two autobots manning the turrets above, and two more arriving from the doors below. There are two symmetrical routes. When the door for one of them is opened, two more autobots will attack from the door. Two more guard the ramp inside, and the approach to the central door also has two shielded autobots. You can also fly up to the turret, and try using it as an alternate means of attack. Activate the switch, and the shielded uatobots form the other side will attack. Head out the back door and to the second power terminal.

Activate the main terminal, then the side terminal to start the transport of the power cells. However, there's a few obstacles - first, the cells are locked in place. Further, there are three energy barriers that destroy the cells. There are three power terminals that keep the barriers active. The first is located just right of the cell transport, second is in the upper half of the room to the left, adn the third is in the upper half on the opposite side of the room. When the barriers are disabled, activate the necessary terminals, and proceed to the guardian.

Destroy the Energon Bridge Guardian[edit]

Activate the final terminal, and the guardian will awaken to purge corruption.

This is a large arena battle, and if you get damaged, there are energy containers surrounding the guardian. If needed, destroy them and grab the energy from inside.

Phase 1[edit]

Energon Bridge Guardian

In the first phase, the energon bridge guardian will deploy turrets and attack. It will launch seeking projectiles, and they can be dodged by moving quickly in jet form. The turrets can be damaged, although any advantage won't be noticeable in the first cycle. These turrets remain active for 20 seconds.

The guardian will retract the turrets, and switch to an energy wall. The upper section spins clockwise, and the lower seciton spins anti-clockwise, and is easily dodged by moving up and down. If necessary, you can try flying through the wall, as there's a chance it doesn't deplete a whole bar of health. The beams remain active for 15 seconds.

The guardian finishes its cycle by exposing its power core to recharge. Damage a third of its health to continue.

Phase 2[edit]

The guardian starts with the turrets, this time firing more rapidly and in groups of three shots. Continue attacking the guns and dodging the attacks. Again, the turrets fire for 20 seconds.

The energy walls are also present in the second phase, this time in four directions instead of two. Dodging up and down by itself may be more difficult, thus you may want to use the jet to keep up with the walls. This attack lasts for 15 seconds.

Phase 3[edit]

Before attacking, it will destroy the floor surrounding the guardian. This leaves only a small ring near the guardian itself with any remaining energy containers. Additionally, the floor will launch semi-tracking blobs, even slightly extending to the next part of the pattern.

The energy walls start, but this time they move in the same direction. Stay close to the guardian when the walls move, and turn around when they begin to slow down or stop, as the walls will change direction. After the second time the walls stop, the bottom track will move in the opposite, and you should be safe chasing the upper wall.

Finish off the power core. When it is destroyed, you can escape by taking the newly opened exit at the top of the arena.


Transformers icon

At the start of the energon cave, there's an Autobot symbol that can be destroyed. This leads to an achievement.