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To select your tool, simply move the analog stick on the nunchuk toward the direction of the tool you want.

  • Up nunchuk: Antibiotic Gel
  • UpRight nunchuk: Syringe
  • Right nunchuk: Suture
  • DownRight nunchuk: Drain
  • Down nunchuk: Laser
  • DownLeft nunchuk: Ultrasound / Magnifier
  • Left nunchuk: Scalpel
  • UpLeft nunchuk: Forceps


  • Plus button: Pause
  • Minus button: Skip Dialogue
  • A button + Wii Remote: Activate tool. Holding the button will make the action continuous. Moving your pointer around while holding A with tools like Suture will create stiches.
  • Hold Z button + A button: Draw a star with this to activate the Healing Touch
  • Move Nunchuk and Wii Remote forward, Z button + B button: Activate defibrillator, this action is only available when prompted.