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Each episode begins with a briefing and objectives. You fail the mission if time runs out, the patient's vitals reach 0, or a special case happens which kills the patient instantly (this is only for a few episodes). You can choose to change the difficulty of the game at any time while you are on the episode select screen. Some missions are extremely difficult and may require a lower difficulty so you can get the hang of the mission. As you advance you will eventually run into a virus named GUILT. These are essentially your enemies while operating and you will need to destroy them.

You have various tools to help you complete the objectives. At first you will only be given a few tools to help you learn the basics. Some tools are for special cases and are available only when given to you. In general, each tool uses the same buttons, but how they are used is different for each tool. The following guide will show you how each tool is used and what they are used for.

Antibiotic Gel[edit]

Used to treat small wounds. Medicine has advanced in Trauma Center where this magical gel will instantly remove small wounds. Gel is also used to fuse synthetic membrane to organs and will raise vitals slightly when used. If you use the gel too much at a time it will be temporarily unavailable for about 3-4 seconds. Press A button to use.


The Syringe is generally used to inject stabilizer into your patient to raise vitals. Stabilizer is the green liquid, move your pointer and hold A button to grab the liquid, then hold A button while the pointer is over any part of the organ to inject the stabilizer. In Normal and Hard mode it will raise the vitals about 10, in Easy mode it will raise vitals about 20. The Syringe is used for other liquids as well which are given to you based on the mission. You will be given directions in the mission about when to use these different liquids. If you use too much stabilizer in a row the syringe will be unavailable for about 3-4 seconds.


You will use suture a lot. Hold A button and move the pointer in a zig-zag patter across a laceration to remove it. If you do this well enough you well get a "COOL", which raises your Max Chain and score. Many missions will require that you have a certain number of "COOL"s to get the highest ranking, XS. Suture is used for other things in some missions which will be described to you in the mission.


Drain is used to remove excess fluid, usually blood, from the patient. When there is excess blood you can't do anything to the patient in that area until it's drained. Hold A button to use.


The laser is used to remove small tumors and is your weapon against the man made virus, GUILT. Extended use of the laser will not only make it unavailable for a few seconds, but you could also cause damage to the patient. If you burn the patient's organs you will need to use Antibiotic Gel to remove the burn. Press A button to use.


Ultrasound is used to detect hidden things. You will find some things like tumors and forms of GUILT. Ultrasound will only make things visible for a few seconds so you often need to use Ultrasound and quickly switch to another tool to do what you need to do. In some missions Ultrasound is replaced with the Magnification tool. Press A button to use.

Magnification Tool[edit]

This is used to zoom in on parts of the patient. This is used in missions where it would be unsafe to operate without it. You will be given this instead of Ultrasound if magnification is necessary. Press A button to zoom in or out.


Your little knife. You will be using this as much as your Suture. You will use this to open up your patient, attack GUILT, detach tumors, all sorts of things. There will be a dotted line which will show you where to cut on most occasions. You are given some leeway when you cut, but if you stray too far away from the line you will hurt the patient. This means you can't carve your initials in your patient. This lowers vitals, counts as a mistake and ends your chain. A lot of missions have a "No Mistakes" bonus for your score if you make no mistakes during the entire mission. Hold A button to use.


Forceps are used to excise objects from the patient and move synthetic membrane on to the patient. When you are removing, say a tumor, from the patient, a tray will appear to the right of the screen where you place the tumor. Forceps also used to close huge gashes together which you then must prompty suture. When you need to use synthetic membranes, it will appear on the left side of the screen when you select the Forceps. Move the membrane over to the area needed then use Antibiotic Gel to seal the membrane. You hold A button + B button to pick up an object then let go of A button and B button to let go of the object.


Bandages and other special case tools appear on the left side of the screen. You move your pointer to the tool and press A button to select the tool. To use a bandage, hold A button and move your pointer across the area needed, then let go of A button. This is used to close up your patient. Other special case tools are selected in the same way, but are used differently. Their use is explained in the mission they are used.

The Healing Touch[edit]

The Healing Touch is an ability that is available after Episode 2-3. To activate the Healing Touch you hold Z button, then hold A button. Now you draw a star with your pointer. When you activate the Healing Touch as Derek you slow down time. The better you draw your star the longer this lasts. When you are controlling Dr. Weaver, instead of slowing down time, every GOOD, OK, or COOL you get will raise the patients vitals by 5-10. You can only use the Healing Touch once per Episode. Sometimes the story activates the Healing Touch for you, which will end when you have completed a certain task.