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GUILT is a form of medical terrorism in Trauma Center: Under the Knife. It uses parasites and diseases to turn the human body against itself and finally kill the host. The government is stopping people except those who have the disease and those who research and attempt to treat it from knowing about it. It is made by the medical terrorism group Delphi, named after the Greek oracle. Each of the seven GUILT is named after a Greek day of the week.


Adam's message

"Man created swords to kill, and was in turn killed by swords"

Kyriaki is a parasite shaped like a manta ray with a bladed tip. It infects and reproduces in organs, then finally turns against it's host and kills it. It creates numerous lacerations on organs resulting in a painful death


Kyriaki needs to be burnt away with the laser. To find and remove it, you must first use the ultrasound on the affected organ. If a black shadow appears, use the scalpel to cut out the Kyriaki. Then, proceed to burn it with the laser. Once all the wounds are healed and Kyriaki are incinerated, the mature Kyriaki will appear and create three large cuts in the shape of an asteric *. This parasite will burrow back into the organ each time you laser making the battle much longer.

While fighting the Kyriaki there are two things to keep in mind. The first is that whenever a kyriaki creates a cut, the patient's vitals would drop by about 6(Except in the case of the three cuts made by the mature kyriaki). The second is that whenever there are 10 cuts, the kyriaki would not make any more cuts on their own.


Adam's Message

"Man crawls on the earth like vermin, breeding and fighting for all eternity"

Deftera is, basically, a moving tumor. there are two halves, blue and red, and when they join together, they make what appears to be a yin-yang symbol. They randomly create small yellow and dark purple inflammations, which have to be burned away with the laser.


Deftera will always strike in two places on the body. The two Deftera halves will be creeping around the screen. Keep the laser out in case they begin to create tumors. When they join together, pull out the drain and use it on Deftera. Immediately pull out laser again, and wait for them to join. Repeat twice more until defeated. Excise Derferta quickly, because vitals will drop very quickly as long Deferta is in this state. The next area has two pairs of Deftera. use the same proscess except be on guard all the time. When two of the same color try to join together, they will form two large tumors and drop vitals. Use the stabilizer often.


Adam's Message

"Modern man is the very model of hypocrisy. You glorify the discovery of medicine, but hide the fact that your own kind is creating disease"


Adam's Message

"It's delusional to believe you can poison Nature to avoid your fate"


Adam's Message

"Mankind's greed has no ending... You continue to consume everything until even your host is laid waste."


Adam's Message

"Plants were born with the ability to kill humans... They demonstrate that all creation seeks an end to mankind"


Adam's Message

"This is the death you've denied. Our guide to the truth"