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These are the surgical tools you will be using to perform surgery, in no particular order. To the left or right of each surgical tool in-game, there will be a bar showing how much of this tool you have left. As you use a tool, this bar will go down. It will automatically regenerate, but if you use all of it up, you will not be able to use it anymore until it is replenished.


This is by far one of the most used surgical tools. It is used for making the incision, removing tumors, and anything else involving cutting.


This tool is used mainly for finding tumors and objects that are beneath the surface of organs. Simply tap on the touch screen to use it.


This will take the place of the ultrasound in some operations. To use, select the icon and draw a C over the area that needs to be magnified.


The needle is used for suturing large cuts and for keeping things together. To use, drag in a zig-zag path along the wound. If you did it correctly, the wound should disapear and a success message will appear.


The laser is used to burn away parasites and small wounds. Applying it for too long can cause small wounds that will cause excessive bleeding warranting the use of the drain and antibiotic gel.

Advanced Laser Prototype[edit]

This is a laser developed by Victor for treatment of Pempti. It has a wider beam and is needed to operate against Pempti. It is also faster at causing wounds on the body so be careful. It is automatically put in place of the laser when you are operating on Pempti.

Antibiotic gel[edit]

This is dubbed as a miracle gel since it seems it can do anything. It is usually used for very small cuts and sterilizing incisions. One of it's secret functions is it's ability to remove blood from normal cuts and restore vitals. If you drag the gel along a cut, it will remove the blood from it, giving you a better view of it, and as it removes blood, it will restore vitals!


The drains only real purpose, is to remove blood from pooled areas. Tap your stylus in the pool of blood, and then drag it up along the drain line. repeat if necessary.


Most people at the beginning will call these tweezers but you will eventually call them forceps. Forceps are used in removing foreign bodies mostly. When you use them, a pan will appear. After you have removed it, drag it over to the pan and let go.


The hands are mostly noted for its companion, the Healing Touch. The hands are used to speed up the process of binding the synthetic membrane to the body and for cardiac arrest.

Healing Touch[edit]

This ability will become usable manually after "Striving for Asclepius" At other times, it will automatically kick in during the operation. In this mode, the vitals will drop slower, GUILT will operate slower or even stop altogether, and the operation will change into a monochrome scale.


You will find yourself tapping the syringes quite a lot when you get further into the game because of their useful function. First, In all operations that you can use the syringe, you will have the stabilizer. When injected, it raises the vitals. Then, there are medications. These are operation specific. To use them, tap your stylus on the medication you want and drag up. Then tap anywhere on the operation and hold it there to inject.


Bandages are only used for one purpose. You drag it across the incision line at the end of the operation to finish the operation.