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Collect the raygun, and proceed down the first lift.

Head right to collect the first key, then left to collect the vision enhancement goggles.

Return to the start and climb the invisible platforms to reach the moon rover. Climb in using Down dpad+A button. Drive the rover to the end of the section to collect a key card.

Equip the hard hat, and ride the platforms to the left. THe id card will open the door for you. Continue left, and head down.

Go to the right and enter the jump device. Use it to bounce onto the large blocks on the left. Dismount it and ride down the lift.

Head to the right. At the platform sequence, there is one surprise direction shift.

Continue right, use the ID card to open the door, and get the radio beacon. Use the hard hat and jump along the ropes. Exit to the right. When you reach the platform, use the radio beacon to exit this world.