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Hawk is the quickest fighter in the game. His attacks may be weak compared to Duran's, but he can unleash them twice as fast. This also allows him to charge up his techniques very quickly. Although his starting class learns no spells, he has a lot of interesting spells in each of his different classes.

Starting Class: Thief[edit]

Technique: Backstab


  • None

He has no spells, but he can attack quickly.

First Class Change[edit]

Light: Ranger[edit]

Technique: Flying Swallow Toss - Multi Target


  • Learns
    • Arrow - Single Target
    • Spike - Single Target
    • Body Change - Single Target
    • Sleep Flower - Single Target

The Ranger has a multi target technique, but unfortunately neither of the classes he can change into afterwards have multi target techniques. Body Change is a powerful spell that makes enemies tiny and extremely weak; unfortunately it also makes them yield 0 experience points; it is still a good spell to use in emergencies. Sleep Flower can help make large groups of enemies more manageable.

Dark: Ninja[edit]

Technique: Silhouette Slice - Single Target


  • Learns
    • Shuriken - Single Target - Deals damage and lowers hit rate of enemy.
    • Fire Jutsu - Single Target - Deals damage and lowers magic attack power and magic defense of enemy.
    • Water Jutsu - Single Target - Deals damage and lowers attack power of enemy.
    • Earth Jutsu - Single Target - Deals damage and lowers evade and hit rate of enemy.
    • Thunder Jutsu - Single Target - Deals damage and lowers defense of enemy.

The Ninja class gets many Jutsu spells that lower the opponent's attributes. These can be extremely useful on bosses since they can allow you to kill it faster and/or resist longer against it.

Second Class Change[edit]

Light/Light: Wanderer[edit]

Requires Item: Good Luck Die

Technique: Dance of Roses - Single Target


  • Starts with
    • Arrow - Single Target
    • Spike - Single Target
  • Upgrades
    • Body Change - Single/Multi Target
    • Sleep Flower - Single/Multi Target
  • Learns
    • Energy Boost - Single Target
    • Aura Wave - Single Target
    • Poison Bubble - Single Target
    • Half Vanish - Single Target
    • Lunatic - Single Target
    • Life Booster - Single Target
    • TransShape - Single Target
    • Counter Magic - Single Target

The Wanderer learns almost all the Dryad and Luna spells in the game, which means he can do many interesting things. For example, he can boost his allies' max HP (Life Booster) or lower the max HP of his opponents (Lunatic), which is great when used at the very start of a boss fight. He also can use Counter Magic to give his allies a barrier that completely protects them from almost all damaging spells; this is quite effective against some bosses, and makes your battle with Koren a joke. Poison Bubble deals damage to the enemy and gives some MP back to Hawk, which allows Hawk to cast his spells forever if he is careful. His weaknesses are that some of his spells are fairly useless or very situational (especially Energy Boost), and he has the lowest attack power out of all of Hawk's final classes.

Light/Dark: Rogue[edit]

Requires Item: Bad Luck Die

Technique: Shadow Slash - Single Target


  • Starts with
    • Arrow - Single Target
    • Spike - Single Target
  • Upgrades
    • Body Change - Single/Multi Target
    • Sleep Flower - Single/Multi Target
  • Learns
    • Rock Fall - Single Target
    • Land Mine - Single Target
    • Silver Dart - Single Target
    • Cutter Missile - Single Target
    • Crescent - Single Target
    • Axe Bomber - Single Target
    • Rocket Launcher - Single Target
    • Grenade Bomb - Single Target

Most of the Rogue's spells are special throwing weapons he can use. One nice thing about them is that unlike most spells, they have a very short animation (so they stop the action for a much shorter time). For the most part they just deal damage (the only exception is Pumpkin Bomb, which gives Hawk MP along with dealing damage), so the main difference between each attack is what element they are and their relative power. Silver Dart is one of the weaker spells, but since it is Holy elemental, it can be quite effective on many monsters near the end of the game. If you are careful, you can use Pumpkin Bomb to allow Hawk to continue casting his spells indefinitely. One downside to the Rogue is that none of his spells can damage multiple opponents.

Dark/Light: Ninja Master[edit]

Requires Item: Bullseye Die

Technique: Shadow Dive - Single Target


  • Upgrades
    • Shuriken - Single/Multi Target
    • Fire Jutsu - Single/Multi Target
    • Water Jutsu - Single/Multi Target
    • Earth Jutsu - Single/Multi Target
    • Thunder Jutsu - Single/Multi Target

The Ninja Master learns how to hit multiple targets with all of the Ninja's spells. These can be useful when fighting groups of powerful enemies. For example, if you fight a group of Dark Lords you can cast Water Jutsu on all of them to weaken the power of their Eruption Sword attack. Like the Nightblade, he has very high attack power.

Dark/Dark: Nightblade[edit]

Requires Item: Nighteye Die

Technique: Split-Image Slice - Multi Target


  • Starts with
    • Shuriken - Single Target
    • Fire Jutsu - Single Target
    • Water Jutsu - Single Target
    • Earth Jutsu - Single Target
    • Thunder Jutsu - Single Target
  • Learns
    • Blow Needle - Single Target
    • Fire Breath - Single Target
    • Poison Breath - Single Target
    • Deadly Weapon - Single Target - Deals damage and lowers max HP of enemy. Very useful against bosses.
    • Black Rain - Multi Target

The Nightblade is a very strong class with a powerful multi target technique. Since Hawk swings twice when he attacks, he can charge this technique up very quickly, which makes it even more useful. He learns many spells and while some of them don't have much of a use (like Fire Breath), some of them are extremely useful. For example, Blow Needle silences your enemies which can protect you from some enemies' powerful multi target techniques (which can often cause Game Overs, even if you are close to full life). Deadly Weapon is a great spell when used properly. It lowers the target's maximum HP by 20%, so it essentially does over 999 damage when used at the start of a boss fight.

Note that Fire Breath is bugged; it will clear status ailments from enemies (e.g. a silenced enemy from Blow Needle will have their silence healed by Fire Breath). It is hypothesized this is because the burn ailment still exists in the game, but is dummied out to have no effect, so it essentially overwrites any existing status problems with a harmless burn status.

Summary table[edit]

Thief D
Tech: Backstab
Spell: (none)
Ranger Ninja
Tech: Flying swallow toss (M) Tech: Silhouette slice (S)
Spells: Arrow (S)
Spike (S)
Body change (S)
Sleep flower (S)
Spells: Shuriken (S)
Fire jutsu (S)
Water jutsu (S)
Earth jutsu (S)
Thunder jutsu (S)
Wanderer Rogue Ninja Master Nightblade
Tech: Dance of roses (S) Tech: Shadow slash (S) Tech: Shadow dive (S) Tech: Split-image slice (M)
Spell: Energy boost (S)
Aura wave (S)
Poison bubble (S)
Half vanish (S)
Lunatic (S)
Life booster (S)
Trans-shape (S)
Counter magic (S)
Spells: Rock fall (S)
Land mine (S)
Silver dart (S)
Cutter missile (S)
Crescent (S)
Axe bomber (S)
Rocket launcher (S)
Grenade bomb (S)
- Spells: Blow needle (S)
Fire breath (S)
Poison breath (S)
Deadly weapon (S)
Black rain (M)
Upgraded: Body change (M)
Sleep flower (M)
Upgraded: Body change (M)
Sleep flower (M)
Upgraded: Shuriken (M)
Fire jutsu (M)
Water jutsu (M)
Earth jutsu (M)
Thunder jutsu (M)