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Overall, Kevin is probably the most powerful melee attacker in the game. Although Duran's sword swings tend to do more damage per hit than Kevin's fists, he punches twice each time he attacks. At night, he becomes a werewolf which makes his attacks even more powerful. His weakness is that he has very limited access to spells; he will have at most three spells at the end of the game.

Another unusual thing about Kevin is that each of his classes besides Grappler has a "throw tech". All throw techs are single target attacks. When Kevin unleases a level 2 or 3 tech, it will randomly use either his normal tech or his throw tech. This can be annoying because sometimes Kevin will use a throw when you want him to use his multi target tech.

Starting Class: Grappler[edit]

Transforms into: Werewolf

Tech: Ashura Dream Fist


  • None

He learns no spells until after his first class change.

First Class Change[edit]

Light: Monk[edit]

Transforms into: (English Translation doesn't say)

Tech: Whirlwind Kick - Multi Target

Throw: Tornado Throw


  • Learns
    • Heal Light - Single Target
    • Pressure Point - Self

The Monk is a well-rounded class. He learns Heal Light which is very useful if you don't have Carlie in your group and he has a multi target tech. Also, he learns a spell called Pressure Point which is useful when you fight bosses during the day. This makes his human form as strong (or at least almost as strong) as his werewolf form.

Dark: Bashkar[edit]

Transforms into: Black Fang

Tech: Water-Moon Slice - Single Target

Throw: Bastard Slam


  • None

The Bashkar is the only second level class that learns no spells. He makes up for this with very high strength.

Second Class Change[edit]

Light/Light: God Hand[edit]

Requires Item: Gold Wolf Soul

Transforms into: Gold Wolf

Tech: Byakko Shock Wave - Multi Target

Throw: Stardust Bomb


  • Starts with
    • Heal Light - Single Target
    • Pressure Point - Self
  • Learns
    • Aura Wave - Single Target

The God Hand has a multi target tech and an interesting spell called Aura Wave. Aura Wave will immediately fill up the tech gauge of any ally. He can use it to cause a lot of damage by casting it on a Nightblade, Swordmaster, Duelist, or even himself.

Light/Dark: Warrior Monk[edit]

Requires Item: Silver Wolf Soul

Transforms into: Silver Wolf

Tech: Genbu 100 Kick - Single Target

Throw: Blow Impact


  • Starts with
    • Pressure Point - Self
  • Upgrades
    • Heal Light - Single/Multi Target
  • Learns
    • Leaf Saber - Single Target

The Warrior Monk has the ability to cast Heal Light on the whole party simultaneously which makes him a very useful healer. This is extremely useful when you do not have Carlie in your group. He also has Leaf Saber which can help keep everyone's MP high. His attack power is the lowest out of all Kevin's final classes, but it is still very high. He doesn't have a multi target tech, but in a way that is a good thing with Kevin because it means that you will not get annoyed when you see him use his throw tech.

Dark/Light: Death Hand[edit]

Requires Item: Death Wolf Soul

Transforms into: Wolf Devil

Tech: Seiryuu Death Fist - Multi Target

Throw: Dead Crush


  • Learns
    • Energy Ball - Single Target

Has the highest attack power out of all Kevin's classes. Energy Ball theoretically raise critical hit chance but critical hits are bugged and don't do anything.

Dark/Dark: Dervish[edit]

Requires Item: Demon Wolf Soul

Transforms into: Bloody Wolf

Tech: Suzaku Sky Dance - Multi Target

Throw: Veritubach


  • Learns
    • Moon Saber - Single Target

The Dervish has less attack power than the Death Hand, but it is still extremely high. Moon Saber is more useful than Energy Ball. It can be used to reduce the amount of healing you need during battles.

Summary table[edit]

Grappler D
Night: Werewolf
Tech: Ashura dream fist
Spell: (none)
Monk Bashkar
Night: ??? Night: Black fang
Tech: Whirlwind kick (M)
Tornado throw
Tech: Water-moon slice (S)
Bastard slam
Spells: Heal light (S)
Pressure point (S)
Spells: (none)
God hand Warrior monk Death hand Dervish
Night: Gold wolf Night: Silver wolf Night: Wolf devil Night: Bloody wolf
Tech: Byakko shock wave (M)
Stardust bomb
Tech: Genbu 100 kick (S)
Blow impact
Tech: Seiryuu death fist (M)
Dead crush
Tech: Suzaku sky dance (M)
Spell: Aura wave (S) Spell: Leaf saber (S) Spell: Energy ball (S) Spell: Moon saber (S)
- Upgraded: Heal light (M) - -