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  • Level: 29
  • HP: 13483
  • Luc: 5579
  • Weakness: Wind
  • EXP: 2670

Use storm saber on every character, if you have Lise in your party use her stat spells to cast mind up on Angela and Carlie, power up on Hawk, Duran, Kevin, and Lise also cast defense up and speed up on all of your characters. This is one of the easy fights. The only thing to watch out from are the two creatures on the sides they will grab one of your characters and throw them down this will do a 200 HP damage, so to avoid it use any item on the character and when they'll throw'em down it'll do no damage or little damage.

  • Hawk, Duran, Kevin, Lise : Attack physically
  • Charlie : Heal the characters
  • Angela : Use Air Blast and Thunderstorm

  • Attack Grenade Bomb (one), Pumpkin Bomb (one) Poison Bubble (one), Sleep Flower (one), Tentacle Attack
  • Special Grenade Bomb (all), Killstinger (all)
  • Event Counter Magic
  • Counterattack Counter Magic, Leaf Saber