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Kevin's adventure begins with a few cutscenes involving the Deathjester striking a deal with the Beast King. Afterwards, we see a short scene with Kevin and his pet wolf, Karl, in the forest. After running around a bit, you are forced to fight a strangely hostile Karl. You can throw regular punches and kicks with A Button and use a combination move with B Button and a full gauge (assuming default button configuration). Karl, however, is quite strong, and you may find yourself on the ropes. But Kevin is half Beastman, and they say that strange things happen to them at night in the heat of battle.

Alas, you defeat your best friend, and howl in anguish. After you wander the forest a bit, the scene changes to the Beast Kingdom castle, where you can explore and talk to your fellow Beastmen. Find your way outside, and you will overhear a conversation between the Deathjester and the king — as it turns out, they were behind Karl's odd behavior. Furious, Kevin smashes through a wall and confronts the Beast King, but he doesn't stand a chance.

You awake in the forest (you may want to visit the nearby gold Mana statue), and you find the Deathjester wandering at a dead end. Although Kevin wants revenge for Karl's death, the Deathjester tells you a story involving Wendel, and he reluctantly decides to go there.